FWDfuel Ultimate 1 on 1 

3-Month Virtual Coaching Package

FWDfuel Ultimate 1 on 1 

3-Month Virtual Coaching Package

VIP Video series $300 off Special



Work with our performance Nutritionist, Abby Vichill to learn our step-by-step system to successfully improve recovery and reduce bloating, fatigue, and joint pain by fine-tuning your nutrition to meet your individual needs all without stress or confusion. 

Food & Nutrition Coaching

Let’s heal your gut, fix fatigue, improve sleep, and reach peak performance. We’ll teach you what to eat, when to eat it, and the supplements to take to reach your highest energy levels. 

Guaranteed Results

Check our reviews on Google! We guarantee you will be happy or your money back.  No questions asked.

Custom Plans

All our clients receive 1 on 1 virtual coaching that includes 1 evaluation and 2 follow ups. Additionally you will have unlimited access to our HEALTHIE application to send messages, ask questions, take pictures of foods, and more for up to 3 months!

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

What are the cleanest protein bars to eat? How can you best plan food to make it convenient yet clean? How about cooking for a family? We understand, and we’re prepared to show you how to eat clean despite your busy lifestyle. 

How We Can Help

Whether you’re struggling with body composition, reacting to foods you never have in the past, or need guidance planning meals for your family, we are here to help. The information delivered individually will be tailored to meet your needs. We can help you see immediate results that will enhance your performance, as well as build long-term sustainable eating habits for life. 

Food Coaching

Sports Nutrition

Vitamins &


Weight Loss 
& Getting Lean

More About Our Performance Nutritionist Abby Vichill

Professional Functional Dietitian Nutritionist and Nutrition Coach

Abby Vichill is a functional sports dietitian nutrition all-star. Abby has been an athlete her entire life, but never truly discovered her potential until she dialed in her nutrition from a whole-foods approach. She always ate what she believed was “healthy” but as a high school athlete and into her college career often experienced fatigue, discomfort, and nagging injuries that held her back from excelling athletically. Throughout her education and competitive involvement in the sport of Crossfit, Abby began a more holistic lifestyle, which has significantly improved her performance and overall well-being. Abby is very excited to continue growing her career in the world of functional sports nutrition and share her knowledge and passion with others.

Our Approach

At FWDfuel we are far from cookie cutter. While the health industry frequently reports new superfoods and diets intended to capture consumers, we believe that every human should be treated for the unique individual they are. Whether the goal is to gain lean muscle, improved performance, or reduce fatigue, the approach is personalized to meet the needs of each individual.

Our Process

The educational content is rooted in the common principles of functional nutrition. Information about potential culprits of imbalance and various nutrition approaches will be discussed, allowing for each individual to assess what areas need most attention. The RD and participant will work one-on-one to devise a nutrition approach specific to the goals and preferences of the individual. 




Here is what you’ll learn during your 60-minute evaluation and two 30-minute follow-ups along with 3 months of messaging support through the HEALTHIE app:

  • The core principles of functional sports nutrition and how this approach focuses on treating the root cause of fatigue or undesirable symptoms (i.e. is it simply macronutrient deficiencies or greater underlying problems such as mold toxicity, food sensitivities, toxins, stress, and more.)  
  • What clean eating really looks like
  • Eating for performance- how to fuel up before and after activities
  • Understanding how the brain, gut, and rest of the body communicate
  • How to free yourself from toxins both in our food and in our environment to improve metabolism as well as brain and bodily function
  • Strategies for long term success regardless of the time of year (holidays, birthdays, stressful days, and more!)

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Our Bonuses to Super-Charge Your Process

BONUS #1 The Ultimate Weight Gain Comprehensive Guide: Food List, Shake Recipes, and Meal Plan Guide 

Looking for a guide that lays out EXACTLY how to gain weight the right way? Look no further. Our Ultimate Weight Gain Guide has everything you need from healthy weight gain recipes, shake ideas, the best grocery lists and snacks. The guide also contains sample meal plans for those who prefer a precise template for success!

Bonus #2: Access to our wholesale pricing for professional-grade supplements


Let’s face it, the right supplementation can enhance your weight gain process. However, most of what is on the market is expensive and full of garbage and sometimes even illegal ingredients. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Enjoy access to Wellevate, a professional grade wholesale supplement retailer. We will provide you access to this dispensary AND you will automatically receive 20% off all orders for life!! We encourage you to shop around because you won’t be able to beat the selection and discount we offer our members!

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3-month coaching package: $995 $695

Interested in coaching for just $129 per month? We offer 3-month and 6-month payment plans!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a big financial commitment, do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee starting the day of your first visit.  If you aren’t satisfied and notify us within 30 days we’ll refund your money no questions asked.

Do you accept insurance?

We’re very sorry but we do not accept insurance.

Am I able to use my health savings accounts (hsa) account to pay for the coaching?

You are welcome to pay for your FWDfuel coaching with your FSA or HSA and then submit a Letter of Medical Necessity signed by your physician when further documentation to substantiate the claim is requested. You may also pay with any personal credit card and submit a picture or PDF copy of both your receipt from FWDfuel Sports Nutrition and your Letter of Medical Necessity to receive reimbursement. We’re not responsible for any claims being denied and cannot take any further action for issues with reimbursement.

When will my visits be scheduled?

Abby will reach out to you to coordinate a time for your virtual evaluation after the payment is processed and the coaching agreement is returned.