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 Virtual Nutrition Workshop

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Food & Nutrition Coaching

Let’s heal your gut, fix fatigue, improve sleep, and reach peak performance. We’ll teach you what to eat, when to eat it, and the supplements to take to reach your highest energy levels. 

Guaranteed Results

Check our reviews on Google! We guarantee you will be happy or your money back.  No questions asked.

Custom Plans

Each course participant receives a 1 on 1 virtual coaching session to talk about their unique needs.

Learn on Your Time, Anywhere

All classes are live streamed with a live chat function to ask questions. Sessions are also recorded for later viewing or for those unable to attend the scheduled time. 

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

What are the cleanest protein bars to eat? How can you best plan food to make it convenient yet clean? How about cooking for a family? We understand, and we’re prepared to show you how to eat clean despite your busy lifestyle. 

How We Can Help

Whether you’re struggling with body composition, reacting to foods you never have in the past, or need guidance planning meals for your family, we are here to help. The information delivered both in the group setting and individually will be tailored to meet your needs. We can help you see immediate results that will enhance your performance, as well as build long-term sustainable eating habits for life. 


Food Coaching

Sports Nutrition

Vitamins &


Weight Loss 
& Getting Lean

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Our Lead Presenter:

Abby Vichill

Professional Functional Dietitian Nutritionist and Nutrition Coach

Abby Vichill is a functional sports dietitian nutrition all-star. Abby has been an athlete her entire life, but never truly discovered her potential until she dialed in her nutrition from a whole-foods approach. She always ate what she believed was “healthy” but as a high school athlete and into her college career often experienced fatigue, discomfort, and nagging injuries that held her back from excelling athletically. Throughout her education and competitive involvement in the sport of Crossfit, Abby began a more holistic lifestyle, which has significantly improved her performance and overall well-being. Abby is very excited to continue growing her career in the world of functional sports nutrition and share her knowledge and passion with others.

Our Approach

At FWDfuel we are far from cookie cutter. While the health industry frequently reports new superfoods and diets intended to capture consumers, we believe that every human should be treated for the unique individual they are. Whether the goal is to gain lean muscle, improved performance, or reduce fatigue, the approach is personalized to meet the needs of each individual.

Our Process

The educational content is rooted in the common principles of functional nutrition. Information about potential culprits of imbalance and various nutrition approaches will be discussed, allowing for each individual to assess what areas need most attention. The RD and participant will work one-on-one to devise a nutrition approach specific to the goals and preferences of the individual. 


Unique Framework

Our robust group workshop allows for individuals to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to improve performance and overall wellness through nutrition. A combination of group classes and one-on-one meetings allows for nuanced discussions among like-minded individuals, while also including the individualized attention required for sustainable and effective progress.



The Eat Better, Perform Better Virtual Workshop is built on 4 webinars and 1 individual coaching session where you’ll learn:

  • The core principles of functional sports nutrition and how this approach focuses on treating the root cause of fatigue or undesirable symptoms (i.e. is it simply macronutrient deficiencies or greater underlying problems such as mold toxicity, food sensitivities, toxins, stress, and more.  
  • What clean eating really looks like.
  • Eating for performance- how to fuel up before and after activities.
  • Understanding how the brain, gut, and rest of the body communicate
  • How to free yourself from toxins both in our food and in our environment to improve metabolism as well as brain and bodily function. 
  • Strategies for long term success regardless of the time of year (holidays, birthdays, stressful days, and more!)
  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with a highly-experienced dietitian to discuss your personal goals and establish individualized recommendations!

See What People are Saying About Us

FWDfuel Sports Nutrition
Based on 28 reviews
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Victoria Marquard
Victoria Marquard
15:01 26 May 20
I look and feel the best I ever have because of FWDFuel! I've worked with Kylene for several years. She is AMAZING. Not... only has she given me solutions to fatigue and improved athletic performance- she's just fun to work with. I look forward to every time we meet. I feel comfortable sharing all my food intake, habits, and TMI with her and don't feel judged. She and the FWDFuel team are so awesome. I rave about them to everyone I more
Pat Guerra
Pat Guerra
16:11 15 May 20
The dietitians at FWDfuel are truly the best!!!! I've found that their knowledge is not your average "food pyramid" or... "healthy plate" advice. They really get to the root of your ailment and then personalize your nutrition strategy to get you where you need to be. I cannot say enough great things about them. They have helped me cure my joint pain and gain energy that I never had more
Julie Spilker
Julie Spilker
20:25 14 May 20
I've been lucky enough to work with Kylene for over a year! Her recommendations have improved my health more than I... thought possible! She helped me figure out how to eat, how to move and most importantly, she helped me get to the root cause of many annoying digestive and brain fog symptoms that I had been experiencing and that had been dismissed or ill-explained by other health care practitioners. She's been my biggest cheerleader and I really appreciate her positivity and support throughout this journey! She has a wealth of nutrition and wellness advice - I'm always blown away with what I learn during our sessions. I highly recommend her and her team!!read more
Tim Furey
Tim Furey
20:31 08 May 20
Very professional and knowledgeable presentations. Both Abby and Kylene are very knowledgeable about nutrition and how... proper nutrition can help athletes achieve their individual goals. After just a few days following their advice I felt better and noticed a difference in my more
Lacey Eaden
Lacey Eaden
15:25 17 Mar 20
Kylene is absolutely amazing! She inspired me to pursue my true passion (nutrition & fitness). She has taught me so... much about what it means to be healthy and how to mix up my diet while still chasing my goals. She is very understanding when discussing past relationships with food and keeps that in mind when making suggestions of how to better your nutrition. I am so happy I was recommended to work with her as she has changed my life in the best ways more
Laura Derov
Laura Derov
01:46 28 Feb 20
I had the pleasure of working with Abby over the last few weeks. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about... helping her clients. Over the years I have tried all sorts of nutrition fads. After working with Abby I have been able to develop a healthy and sustainable nutrition more
13:26 26 Feb 20
I have been working with Kylene for some time now and she has completely transformed by health and nutrition. I have... seen incredible results in the way I feel from the adjustments we have made with my nutrition. She is such a hard worker and has such a passion for what she more
Amberley Hudson
Amberley Hudson
01:45 26 Feb 20
Abby has really helped me learn so much about nutrition! She taught me about ingesting the right vitamins and minerals... through foods without the need for unnecessary supplements. She also has provided support for me with helping me understand the correct caloric requirements for my body. I am so thankful for her and her knowledge!read more
Hallie B
Hallie B
16:04 19 Feb 20
Abby is wonderful! While working with her, she helped me realize I was actually under eating! She zeroed in on my... specific nutrition and performance needs and I began to see positive changes in my body within two weeks! She was always available for questions and her responses were extremely knowledgeable and supportive. She puts in a significant amount of time and effort with each of her clients and it definitely shows! She is passionate about her field and genuinely loves helping people on their health and fitness journey!read more
Samantha Goode
Samantha Goode
23:18 18 Feb 20
I worked with Abby for about 8 months and the entire experience was great! She makes sure she’s available to you, and... she provides legitimate feedback based on nutrition science! She always makes sure she’s keeping up on science, research, and best practices to enhance her coaching. She provides you the tools you need and is always there for support. In the time I worked with her she helped me increase my food intake so that I was properly fueling my body, and I never felt better! I would definitely recommend Abby to everyone on their health journey. Beginners can learn so much from her, and people who know a lot of the basics can still learn from Abby, too! 10/10 would more
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the live presentations be available to me for a later review?

All group meetings will be live streamed and recorded for viewing at a later time. Recorded presentations will be available to group members up to one week after the program concludes.   

Am I able to use my health savings accounts (hsa) account to pay for the workshop?
You are welcome to pay for your FWDfuel class or nutrition package with your FSA or HSA and then submit the Letter of Medical Necessity when they request further documentation to substantiate the claim. You may also pay with any personal credit card and submit a picture or PDF copy of both your receipt from FWDfuel and your Letter of Medical Necessity to receive reimbursement. We’re not responsible for any claims being denied and cannot take any further action for issues with reimbursement.

The course topics will be centered on the principles of functional nutrition, which involves a root-cause approach to addressing gut health, hormonal imbalance, or food sensitivities that may be impeding performance and overall health. A few of the topics that will be discussed include pre/post nutrition, gut health, recovery hacks, and more. 

What all does my individual meeting entail?

In our 30 minute meeting, we will discuss your individual nutrition concerns and long term goals. The participant will then receive individualized nutrition and supplement recommendations to get you started towards you goals. If interested in working together beyond our time in the nutrition workshop, members will be provided a discounted rate for nutrition services.