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Blast Fat – 5 Steps to Get Rid of Fat Cells Naturally

Blast Fat – 5 Steps to Get Rid of Fat Cells Naturally

Remember the days when everything on the grocery store shelves was low-fat, no-fat? 

As consumers, we were promised a slimmer figure after consumption…except when all was said and done, we realized from a medical standpoint that removing fat and replacing it with sugar and chemicals only resulted in more obesity and chronic illness.

And now, we often hear:

“Eat whatever you want, Just count your calories to lose weight.”

“Well, no, actually you’re not eating enough so your body will not let you lose weight.”

“You’re not exercising enough.”

“You’re actually exercising too much.”

Ahh!! What’s a girl (or guy) to do?

First, it is incredibly important to understand that we are biologically unique, especially regarding the makeup of bacteria in our gut microbiome. More and more research is emerging that suggests the balance of bacteria in our gut has more to do with weight loss and sugar cravings than we ever imagined. 

At the end of the day, it’s not about crazy fad diets and calorie restriction so please don’t starve yourself and don’t over-complicate things. So many people ask me how to get rid of fat cells naturally and as crazy as it sounds, it all boils down to 5 simple rules. Follow these rules consistently, and the results will be impressive!

How to Get Rid of Fat Cells Naturally- The 5 Simple Rules

Unfortunately, as simple as the rules are, staying consistent in a world in which we’re bombarded with advertisements for sugar-laden processed foods marketed with highly-questionable health claims is extremely difficult. Can you believe they’re still slapping ” whole grain” on every Fruit Loops box? Unreal.

The 5 cornerstone rules to blast fat are:

1. Eat real food. 

2. Eat at the right time of day. 

3. Keep your gut bugs happy. 

4. Stay active. 

5. Sleep like a champ (at least 7 hours a night). 

If we were to add a 6th goal it would be to eat more vegetables than fruits. Why? eating a ton of fruit can lead to excessive sugar consumption, blood sugar swings, and then wanting more sugar.

Our suggestion? Switch out your morning bagel or cereal for a half of an avocado, a handful of blueberries, and eggs sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt, pepper, and turmeric and you have an amazing anti-inflammatory breakfast that will keep your blood sugar stable all morning. The end result? Less snacking, more energy, and an overall decrease in calories consumed throughout the day.

Want to add some veggies to this breakfast? Simply saute a little spinach in coconut oil until it wilts (~ 2-4 minutes) and you have a delicious vegetable side to go along with your eggs. In fact, this breakfast along with the spinach is one my husband likes to cook after his long runs.

Often times when our clients hear these rules they say, “there is no way that is the complete key for how to get rid of fat cells.”

To that, I politely ask, “When was the last time you went 3-5 days without having any form of processed food? If you can’t pick it, peel it, or find it readily in nature then it’s not real food.” Think about it, pasta and crackers don’t grow in fields, and protein bars don’t hang from trees. If 80-90% of your diet is comprised of whole foods 6 out of 7 days a week, I promise you that you can blast fat away!

The most important thing is to simply stay consistent with each of these goals!

Literally, that’s it!

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Is Food Timing and Sleep Really That Important?

Long story, yes it is… unbelievably so.

One of the things we deal with most commonly in our practice is hormonal imbalance. To keep things from getting too complex, what I want you to know is that food and sleep affect our hormones. As or cortisol (stress) hormones and others fluctuate, so do our cravings and energy levels. Therefore, becoming consistent, ensuring quality sleep, and eating at predictable, evenly spaced times leads to more stable hormone responses, fewer cravings, increased energy, and significantly improved weight loss.

But Wait, I Already Eat Almost All Whole Foods!

Well look at you, Mr/Ms. All-Star! I see you! Congratulations on being on the right track. You’re eating whole foods and doing well, but aren’t we secretly aiming for the gold star? Thought so. Here are a few more tricks:

  1. Increase healthy fats
  2. Start your day with more fat and protein than carbs/sugar
  3. Always combine a fat or protein with a sugary or high carbohydrate food (i.e. have almond butter with a banana)
  4. Add high-quality supplements
Avocados are a staple in our household!

Crazy but true, healthy fats will help you lose fat.

Wait, WHAT? Get out of town.

Contrary to popular belief, consuming high quality, plant-based fat is critical when it comes to losing weight and eating healthy fats will help you learn how to get rid of fat cells naturally. Adding more nuts, seeds, avocados, substituting olive or avocado oil with salt/pepper as your dressing will all do an excellent job of fueling your brain, fighting inflammation, AND stabilizing blood sugar to decrease cravings, keep you full longer, and thus reducing your overall caloric intake. Aim to consume 1-2 TBSP of plant-based fat at each meal.

One area we see many, and I mean many people go wrong is how they start their day. Maybe they’re trying to be healthy so they enjoy fruit or a smoothie dominated by mixed berries. Well, this is kind of like getting your blood sugar and hormones out of the wrong side of bed. It sets the whole day in the wrong direction.

Focus on protein and fat from the very start of your day and your blood sugar and hormones will regulate and thank you. This leads to less overall calorie intake throughout the day, which thereby leads to more efficient fat blasting in a sustainable way. How can this be accomplished with ease? In addition to our favorite of avocado and eggs, here are a few easy ways to tweak the start of your morning:

  • Switch out some of the fruit in your smoothie for half of an avocado or a handful of mixed greens and a tablespoon of nut butter and/or healthy anti-inflammatory oil like walnut, flax, coconut, or macadamia.
  • When making our delicious overnight oats recipe, cut back some of the oats and add hemp and flax seeds.
  • Try having pre-cooked high-quality sausage with organic mustard (did you know there is anti-inflammatory turmeric in mustard?) Common brands to consider are Bilinski’s (all organic and Animal Welfare Certified) Applegate and Amylu.
  • Try our Cookie Dough Power Bites recipe for an easy and balanced morning snack

Lastly, if you’re an all-star when it comes to eating real, whole-foods, then it may be appropriate to add a supplement. Remember, a supplement is just that, a supplement. There is no need to take a supplement until you have focused on getting your diet going in the right direction! So, a top pick to consider would be a Metabolove by Love Wellness. Metabolove contains pure and simple ingredients that fight sugar cravings and boost energy. Truly, one of the most effective and all-natural supplements on the market of its kind.

But, for those of you hoping to make an immediate nutrition change to facilitate weight loss, below are my top three tips.

2 Uncommon Secrets to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

1. Incorporate 30g of fiber each day.

Sure, fiber is famous for its ability to help us excrete but it also has the ability to keep blood sugar and cholesterol at bay.  In regards to weight loss, it allows us to feel full on smaller quantities of food.  And no, the latest fiber cereal or bar is not the answer!

Wondering what 30g of fiber from real food looks like in a day? Try this, 1 TBSP chia seeds in ¾ cup cooked oatmeal, an apple dipped in 1 TBSP nut butter for a snack, a 2 cup bed of salad greens as your base for lunch, and ½ cup black beans or 1 cup cooked veggies of your choice as part of your dinner. 

And if you’re finding that it’s just too difficult to eat your way through Fiber Town each day, it might be time to take a gander at Sparkle Fiber. Love Wellness created Sparkle Fiber as a way for women to feel well and regular from the inside out. The compilation of fiber-rich foods and enzymes in this supplement helps to properly fuel the bacteria in your gut that is responsible for energy, digestion, immune health, and everything in between.

2. Rest and Digest.

Believe it or not, digestion is hard work for the body, even if you’re just eating a pile of veggies! If you do not allow the body to truly rest and repair, how can you ever expect your body to work hard for you? Eating large quantities right before bed can also hinder the quality of our sleep. In the long run, poor sleep quality can make it incredibly difficult to lose weight.

Our mitochondria (the power house) in our cells, require 12 hours without food to repair. Try to stop eating by 7:30 each night and do not begin to eat breakfast until 7:30 am the next morning. You may notice better digestion, an easier time getting out of bed in the morning, and of course, weight loss!

Final Thoughts on How to Get Rid of Fat Cells

Blasting away fat cells naturally is not complicated, but it is challenging. The key really is consistency- forgiving yourself when you fall off the wagon and trying to stay on the wagon more often than falling off. I can promise you that as you start to eat more whole-foods and balance out or increase your fat/protein/fiber intake, you will lose weight, your skin will look better, your energy will increase, and you will experience more energy. This together will allow you to sustainably lose weight and keep it off for good instead of yo-yoing which occurs with other more traditional weight loss plans.

However, if you’re doing a great job of eating whole-foods and doing everything right but still struggling with fatigue, weight loss, and other undesirable symptoms, it may be time for an elimination diet meal plan and to see a functionally trained dietitian.

Cookie Dough Power Bites

Looking for a sweet treat to keep you satisfied–but without all the added sugar?! Check out the cookie dough protein energy bites I recently created. A delicious, portable snack packed full of protein and heart-healthy fat is the best way to prevent late night binging and sugar crashes at the end of the day. 


Cookie Dough Power Bites

Prep Time 7 minutes


  • 4-6 TBSP of your favorite unflavored or vanilla protein powder*
  • ¼ cup applesauce
  • 2/3 cup coconut flour
  • ¼ cup nut or seed butter
  • ¼ cup maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • * Serving size will vary depending upon texture and ingredients. You may need to experiment a bit in order to reach your desired consistency.


  1. Use a spatula to mix all ingredients in a medium-size mixing bowl.
  2. Fold in ½ cup dark chocolate chips.
  3. Use TBSP to scoop dough. Roll into 1 inch balls.
  4. Refrigerate for 30-60 minutes and enjoy!

Love this info? Want to learn more about improving your health from the inside out? From recipes to videos and articles answering the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, Love Wellness has everything you need and more to catapult your health and wellness journey.

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