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UCAN Superstarch – 2023 Generation UCAN Reviews by Two Dietitians 

UCAN superstarch is one of our absolute favorite products to use as sports dietitians.  We’ve...

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Online Nutritionist Consultation That Gets RESULTS | Find the Best Online Nutritionist Coach

Looking for an online nutritionist consultation and wondering who the best online nutrition coach...

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The 5 Best Foods for Gut Health & Gut Healing

Hippocretes nailed it when he said, “All disease begins in the gut.”  He was incredibly...

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What is Functional Nutrition and How Can it Change Your Life?

Are you sick of feeling crummy? Do you feel like a sub-par version of the old you? Does your body...

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What is Integrative Sports Nutrition?

The following is a post written by one of the top sports dietitians in the world, Ian...

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Healthiest Fast Food and Cafeteria Options for Athletes

Do you love to eat out, but struggle to find healthy options among our dominating fast food...

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7 Best Nutrition Tips for Athletes

It’s no secret that nutrition can make or break your athletic performance. However, with so much...

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Family picture of Dr. Michael Bogden and licensed dietitian nutritionist Kylene Bogden

Meet Kylene & Dr. Michael Bogden

Kylene is a licensed dietitian nutritionist board-certified in sports nutrition as well as Integrative and Functional Nutrition. She is a certified food sensitivity LEAP therapist and the Performance Dietitian for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Michael, a physiotherapist with dual fellowships, merges sports nutrition with rehab to enhance client recovery.

Together, they've conquered personal health challenges that hindered their athletic pursuits including mold toxicity, Celiac disease, SIBO, and food sensitivities. Inspired by their journey, they founded a thriving private practice in 2017, now boasting three expert-trained dietitian nutritionists specializing in functional nutrition.

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