Eating Strategies for Weight Loss 

8 Mindful 

Athletes' weight loss struggles extend beyond calorie reduction or dietary advice, involving digestion issues. Mindful eating can aid weight loss and digestion.

Why You Should Tune In To Your Body

Before eating, tune into your body. Assess true hunger, not stress or boredom. Consider how you want to feel after eating.


Offer Gratitude, Really

Don’t take your plate of food for granted! After all, making that connection before your meal can actually boost the hormones and increase enzymes necessary for optimal digestion.


It’s Turtle Time

Eating slowly aids digestion and nutrient absorption. It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to signal fullness, beneficial for weight loss.


The Clean Plate Club is Old School

Overeating can rapidly raise weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Save half your plate for later to avoid excess consumption.


Keep it Consistent

One of the best ways to ensure that you are able to stop eating around 80% capacity at meal time, is to make sure that you are eating at regular intervals throughout the day.


Eat with Intelligence

Food is the most powerful tool on this planet given to humans. The moment you start thinking this way is the moment you will begin to appreciate each meal in a completely new way.


Be Present

Sit upright for meals to aid digestion and promote relaxation. Avoid eating on the go or while standing to support proper digestion.


Resist Your Inner Demons

Eat with compassion, respect, admiration, love, and gratitude toward your body. After all, this is the body that allows you to run, swim, shoot, catch and throw each day.




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