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9 Best Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss

We are a society so heavily focused on body weight and image. It never ceases to amaze me how many athletes will go to extreme and often unsafe measures to obtain a certain weight or body fat.


Hydrate Like it’s Going Out of Style

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Hydration is vital for weight loss and energy. It flushes toxins, boosts metabolism, aids digestion, brain function, and blood sugar control.

Eat On a Schedule

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Eating every 3-4 hours maintains blood sugar levels, preventing drastic drops. This signals the body to regulate sugar levels, ensuring stability.

Digest, then Rest

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Your body ideally needs 10-12 hours without food for rest. Digestion is taxing on cells, so ample rest aids metabolism and overall function.

A Vitamin a Day Keeps Metabolism Humming

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In an ideal scenario, relying solely on food is possible, but in today's fast-paced world with processed foods and genetic factors, it's not always feasible.

Don’t Discriminate to Macros

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Removing a whole macronutrient group long-term isn't wise, but modifications and timing adjustments can be beneficial.

Protein is your Secret Weapon

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Eating adequate protein is vital for health and weight loss. Ensure each meal includes a palm-sized portion for optimal success.

Healthy Fat? Nothing Wrong With That!

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Don't forget to include plant-based fats like nuts, seeds, or oils in each meal to feel satisfied and support weight loss.

Calorie Counting Isn't Always Ideal

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STOP counting every little calorie! Do not worry about the grams of sugar or protein in your snack. At least not until you read the ingredient list!

Listen to Your Body

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For athletes, intuitive and mindful eating is key! Listen to your body's hunger cues and opt for whole foods when hungry. Trust your body's signals.



Discover the most effective lifestyle changes for weight loss and long-term success. Prioritize holistic health and mindful eating for sustainable results.