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Best Nuts for Athletes & Protein in Seeds Chart

Getting sufficient protein is crucial for athletes, especially without relying solely on shakes. Inadequate intake can hinder performance and recovery.



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Including one serving of almonds per day in your diet may decrease your risk of cancer and heart disease due to their ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


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Adequate protein intake is essential for athletes, but relying solely on shakes can lead to issues. Opt for varied protein sources for better results.


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Raw cashews, with 5g protein per ounce, are rich in copper, manganese, and magnesium, supporting energy, immunity, and brain function.


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While not as rich in protein as the aforementioned high protein nuts and seeds, they still possess 2g of protein per ounce and are rich in healthy monosaturated fat. 


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Walnuts, rich in ALA omega-3 fatty acids, lower heart disease risk and inflammation. With 4g protein per ounce, they're ideal for athletes.

Brazil Nuts

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When given a serving of Brazil nuts every day, kidney patients see an improvement in their selenium levels which has potent antioxidant effects on the body. 


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Hazelnuts provide 6g of protein per ounce, aiding blood vessel function, reducing inflammation, and lowering heart disease risk.


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Chestnuts are high in carbs, low in fat—great for energy. With 1g of protein per oz., they're rich in vitamins and minerals.



Discovering the ideal nuts for athletes is crucial. With their protein content and nutritional benefits, nuts play a significant role in enhancing athletic performance.