Best Post Workout Shake and Why You Need One Now

Why is Recovery Nutrition so Important?

Recovery nutrition is one of the single most important habits you can get yourself accustomed to as an athlete. Let’s dive into why this is so critical.

How to Start with Post Workout Recovery

Our bodies rely on carbohydrates for energy, stored as glycogen. After exercise, replenishing glycogen is crucial for maximizing gains.

Best Time to Have my Recovery Concoction?

The vast majority of research suggests that the best time to consume a recovery shake is within a 15-60 min window immediately post training or competition.

What Should go Into my Shake?

Ideal carb-to-protein ratio varies with sport intensity. Endurance athletes need higher carbs. More in our post on post-workout shakes.

But I Don’t Feel Well After Consuming Dairy

Dairy intolerance is common; lactose isn't always the issue. Athletes may react to whey or casein, not just lactose.

What if I Don’t Have a Blender?

No blender? Not a problem! There are a handful of portable protein beverages on the market that is great for a convenient post workout recovery option.



Add plant-based fat and greens to your shake for a balanced meal. Consult your dietitian for personalized advice.