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Best Probiotics 

Probiotics offer diverse health benefits, spanning from arthritis to allergies and cancer. Choosing the right strains tailored to your health needs is vital.


Here are just a few major areas probiotics have been found to help:


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Daily probiotics for those at risk of Type II Diabetes can curb its onset by reducing gut inflammation. Type II Diabetes involves insulin resistance and declining pancreatic function.


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Hypertension, a major risk for heart disease, stems from a mix of genetics and lifestyle. Gut microbiota imbalance can inflame, worsening blood pressure.

Athletic Performance

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Probiotics, known to reduce inflammation and regulate bodily processes, exhibit positive effects on athletes, supported by numerous studies.

Best probiotic strains to support immune function in athletes:

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L. acidophilus (LA14) L. fermentum (PCC) L. fermentum (VRI-003) B. longum (BL05)

Best probiotic strains for the management of IBS:

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L. acidophilus (CL1285) L. casei (LBC80R) L. rhamnosus (CLR2) B. bifidum (MIMBb75)

Best probiotic strains for the treatment of ulcerative colitis:

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Escherichia coli (Nissle 1917)

The following strains may help prevent infectious or traveler’s diarrhea:

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L. rhamnosus (GG) L. acidophilus L. reuteri (DSM 17938) B. bifidum B. lactis (BB-12)

Best probiotic strains to prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea:

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L. casei Shirota L. reuteri (DSM 17938) L. plantarum



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