Best Protein Bar Before Bed

The best protein bar for before bed is the rise Bar Almond Honey Whey Protein Bar if you tolerate whey, and if not, the RAWR Organics Bars if you prefer to be plant-based or do not tolerate dairy.

rise Bar Whey Protein Bar

Could make a strong case for being the best protein bar for before bed due to its high amount of protein, simple ingredients, and the type of protein it uses.


RAWR Organics Bars

Freshest bar on the planet- every bar is made as the order is received. – Super clean- no preservatives, real ingredients, mostly organic.


Vital Performance Protein Bar

Really solid bar when it comes to taste and texture, and it has mostly clean ingredients. Its also one of the only bars on the market with collagen peptides.


Perfect Bar Protein Bar

Awesome bar if you tolerate dairy. If you get bloating or any type of gut issue with dairy, then it is inflammatory for you, and it is best that you avoid foods like this.


EPIC Venison Sea Salt & Pepper Bars

While a lot of meat sticks have 6–9g or protein, the EPIC Venison Sea Salt & Pepper Bars stand out by having 12g of protein.


ProBar Protein Bar

Great tasting but definitely not clean. When the first ingredient is a “syrup” and it has a seed oil in it which is inflammatory, we would not put this at the top to the list.




The decision to consume a protein bar before bed likely depends on your goals, training level, and intake throughout the day.