Clean Protein Bars 2024

Here are the cleanest protein bars money can buy. If you are looking for natural and organic high-protein bars, keep reading.

RAWR Organics Bars

RAWR bars are hands down the the winner for making the best all natural protein bars.


Rise Bar

The rise bar Almond Honey with Whey Protein has just 3 ingredients and 20 grams of protein while their vegan bars with pea protein have 5 ingredients and 15 grams of protein.


Kion Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar

One of the best natural protein bars because almost all ingredients are organic or grass-fed. That’s hard to do while still pricing the bar competitively.


LYFfuel Daily Essentials Meal

Lyfe Fuel, which stands for Live Fuel Feel Better, is a company on a mission. They are making clean protein bars and have 3rd party testing to prove it.


R.E.D.E. Bar

REDE superfoods include an adpogentic mushroom blend (cordyceps, reishi, and chaga), maca root, chia, goji berries, acai, turmeric, annnndd quinoa.


GoMacro MacroBars

GoMacro MacroBars are made with 100% plant-based organic ingredients and free of gluten, dairy, and soy.


Epic Meat Bars

Epic Bars are certified gluten-free, Paleo, Keto, Whole30-approved, and Non-GMO Project Verified. They are sourced from pastured, grass-fed meats.


Wellcome Salted Caramel

The Wellcome Adaptogenic Bars are uniquely formulated with adaptogens, collagen, MCT, and good-gut-bug feeding fiber to make for a bar that provides steady energy.


RXBAR Bars Real Food Protein Bars

RX bars typically contain 5-7 ingredients, often a mix of egg whites, nuts, dates, and flavoring. They have 20-26g sugar, all from natural sources, and 12g protein.




Are you struggling to find a place to get clean, anti-inflammatory smoothie ingredients all in one place and shipped right to your front door?