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Food Sensitivity Symptoms

Paleo reflects a particularly holistic lifestyle, which is a very healthy one, to say the least. Exercise and mindset are a huge component of the Paleo lifestyle, as well as the diet.


How to be Successful with the Paleo Diet

Food Preparation

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Prepping food at the beginning of the week is essential to a successful Paleo lifestyle.

Eat well-balanced meals

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Balance is key in nutrition. Avoid excluding any food group entirely. Aim for balanced meals with protein, starch, fruit/veggies, and healthy fats for sustained nutrition.

You eat what you buy

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Avoid purchasing food that will tempt you! If you purchase Oreo-flavored Klondike bars, you will eat them.

Clear out the kitchen

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Clear out processed and packaged foods before starting Paleo. This sets you up for success by removing non-Paleo items from your fridge and pantry.

Switch things up

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If salads cover all food groups, feel free to indulge. But vary your veggies, fruits, and proteins to avoid boredom.

Use your resources

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Lots of info on sustainable Paleo lifestyles. Limited by no grains? Don't be. Paleo offers surprising food variety.



Discovering a healthy and sustainable Paleo lifestyle offers surprising food variety. Don't feel limited by avoiding grains—explore the possibilities!