Eating on a Budget While Traveling

When traveling, my priorities are fitness, energy, and cost control. Learn how to eat on a budget while maintaining performance for an enjoyable trip.

Before traveling to Ireland, I packed various bars, and supplements, including Mediclear, a potent multivitamin & protein shake. This product is honestly the most amazing protein powder.

Positive Outcomes

I was never overly hungry since I never had to wait for a tour bus to stop or go searching stores for food since I always had something on hand.


– We saved several hundreds of dollars over the course of our 10 day trip.

– We saved time by eating breakfast in our room instead of waiting in line at a grocery store.


One thing Ky has taught me a lot about is stabilizing blood sugar with snacks that include fat, fiber, or protein.


Functional Medicine introduced me to Oloves olives, a simple addition to my diet. I adore olive oil.

Nuts and legumes are the foods I consume in large quantities more than any other.


I frequently pack 2-3 different types of bars when I go on a trip.  I get bored easily and like variety in my food as well as in my life.


One of the most simple and pure bars on the market, I almost always include is RXBAR.

My second go to bar is by Pro Bar.  All of their products are Non-GMO and gluten free.


Personally, I like to bring my own bottle and fill it up at the airport. My favorite is my Miu glass bottle that is made of borosilicate glass.




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