Free Food Allergy Substitution Chart

The vast majority of the human immune system can be found in our gut, hence why it is critical for athletes to fuel themselves with excellent nutrition, especially those suffering from food allergies.

Egg Allergies

Eggs are an awesome source of nutrition, particularly amino acids, B vitamins, and choline. However, if you are unable to tolerate eggs, this can be a tricky situation to navigate.


How to Replace Eggs when Baking

Substitute eggs with flax or chia eggs, or aquafaba (chickpea liquid) in baking for those with egg allergies. Odd but effective alternatives!

Wheat Allergies

Managing a wheat allergy is easier now with numerous wheat and gluten-free pasta options available. Top picks include Tolerant and Banza brands.


Dairy Allergies

Good news for all my dairy lovers: There are so many completely dairy-free nut and seed milk/cheeses/ice creams on the market now; the possibilities are endless!



When substituting for food allergies, opt for non-dairy alternatives like almond, rice, pistachio, hemp, or hazelnut milk.


Try Red Lotus Vegan Cashew Spread or Kite Hill Chive as dips or spreads. Athletes can also use them as a dairy-free alfredo sauce alternative on pasta.

Tree Nut Allergy and Peanut Allergies

Sunbutter offers convenient mini cups of sunflower seed butter, ideal for athletes. It's a versatile substitute for nut butter in smoothies, oatmeal.


Shellfish Allergies

Wild Planet offers canned salmon and tuna, ideal for convenience. Look for them at specialty stores or get the best prices at Thrive Market.


Soy Allergies

Try Coconut Aminos by Coconut Secret as a soy sauce alternative. It's soy and gluten-free, perfect for stir-fries, with a slightly sweeter taste.


Sesame Allergies

Hoping for a sesame oil replacement? Try walnut oil, peanut oil, or cold-pressed olive oil.




While our food allergen chart is a helpful guide, don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like one-on-one coaching to overcome food sensitivities and allergies.