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How to Balance Hormones Naturally 

Common causes of hormonal imbalances vary based on diet and lifestyle. These include inflammatory diets, stress, inadequate sleep, toxin exposure, gut issues, and long-term medication use.


Breaking Down the 7 Common Causes of Hormonal Imbalance

Eating An Inflammatory Diet 

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Cheese, cake, coke, and cookies harm hormone health. Relying on packaged and junk foods heightens blood sugar and hormone imbalance risks.

Undereating Calories Through Dieting 

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Calorie deficits may stem from intense exercise or prolonged restrictive diets, leading to chronic stress and disrupting hormonal balance.

Chronic Stress

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Mental and emotional stress, akin to undereating, disrupts hormones. Chronic stress prompts hormonal imbalances, fueled by cortisol's protective role.

Inadequate Sleep 

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Sleep deprivation worsens hormonal imbalances, especially estrogen dominance. Elevated cortisol due to lack of sleep exacerbates hormone issues.

Environmental Exposure To Toxins 

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Diet and lifestyle affect hormone balance, but environmental toxins like chemicals, mold, and pollutants also disrupt hormones and health.

Gut Infections or Microbial Imbalances

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Our diet, drink, and exposures either promote or combat disease at the gut level.



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