Recommended Protein Intake for Athletes

Controlling food intake can be empowering or stressful. Meeting protein goals can be challenging when busy or limited by options.

Why is protein so important?

-Assists in the building and repairing of tissue

-Building block for cartilage, bone, skin, muscle tissue, and even blood

Learn How to Calculate Protein Needs

To make sure that you are meeting your daily protein intake requirements, I would like you to sit down and calculate your needs.


Calculate Needs Based on Activity Level

Once you use our lb to kg chart to determine your weight in kg’s you can use this to help you calculate how much protein you need for optimal muscle protein.


Low Protein Intake

Athletes with medical conditions necessitating restricted protein intake are advised 0.8-1.0 g/kg of body weight, totaling 51-64 g protein/day for a 140 lb athlete.


Moderate Protein Intake

Recommended protein intake for athletes ranges from 1.2-1.7 g/kg body weight. Endurance athletes and weekend warriors thrive at 1.2-1.4 g/kg.


High Protein Intake

This protein intake supports muscle repair, preserves lean mass, and satiates during carbohydrate restriction. For a 140 lb athlete, it's 127 g/day.


Learn the Best Protein Sources

Animal protein offers a more comprehensive amino acid profile than plant sources, making it a preferred choice for many athletes seeking optimal nutrition.


The best sources of protein include the following:

Animal-based: Egg Organic Chicken Organic Turkey Grass-Fed Beef Wild Caught Fish

Plant-Based: Tofu Tempeh Edamame Legumes, Nuts



Is your estimated protein intake higher, lower or exactly what you had estimated for yourself? Swipe up to share your comments below!