Should I Take Probiotics On My Period?

Research on interventions for women’s health leads health professionals to recommend taking probiotics during your periods. But, to receive the benefits, there are crucial things you must know and do.

Consistency is Key: Never Miss a Day Without Probiotics on your Periods

Can probiotics affect your period? Yes, but only if you follow a few rules; the first is consistency.


Incorporate Probiotic-Rich Food with Supplements

Include probiotic-rich foods for optimal gut health, as supplements alone can't compensate for a poor diet, enhancing overall gut health.


Choose the Right Supplement

For bloating, cramps, or altered gut conditions during periods, select a probiotic supplement tailored to your specific health needs.


Add Prebiotics to Supercharge Your Probiotics

Prebiotics are the food that the good-gut-bug probiotics consume to grow, multiply, and thrive.


Consult a Professional Healthcare Provider

Taking probiotics for your menstrual health is a great way to overcome the effects of symptoms produced during those 5-7 days.


Bonus Tip To Relieve Menstrual Symptoms: Try Yoga Poses

Let us tell you an interesting fact! Yoga appears to be a magical therapy in relieving the severe menstrual cramps.



It should be clear now that probiotics can affect your period, but you must use them correctly. Otherwise, the benefits may be minimal.