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Symptoms of Undereating & Underfueling

Am I eating enough?  Let’s help you answer that question by covering the hallmark physical indicators that you’re not eating enough.


Physical Signs of Not Eating Enough & Undereating Frequently

Low energy

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Fatigue may result from undereating or lacking nutrient-dense foods, leading to B vitamin deficiencies like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and others.

Irregular periods 

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Your menstrual cycle reflects your overall health. Irregularities signal responses to nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, environment, hormones, or health issues.

Insatiable hunger

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Give your body a chance to achieve satiety by consuming a balance of protein, healthy fat, and high fiber carbohydrates that are balanced in nutrients.

Frequent waking during the night

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Glucose fuels the brain. Inadequate nighttime energy triggers waking signals, indicating the body needs fuel.

“Counting Macros” to a T

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Many obsess over hitting exact protein grams, treating it as gospel despite body signals.

No appetite 

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Gradually increasing calorie intake boosts digestion, improving nutrient delivery to muscles and tissues. This enhances overall body efficiency, including hormones and metabolism.



Explore the symptoms of undereating and learn how to support your body's needs for optimal health. Delve deeper into understanding undereating symptoms at the provided link!