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Top Tips to Heal the Gut Naturally

Our body's inflammation helps fight infection and heal injuries. It's like a "spot treatment" for pathogens, restoring balance and promoting healing.


The 7 Top Ways to Heal your Gut Naturally Are: 

Avoid Sugar 

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Sugar disrupts gut balance by feeding "bad" bacteria, leading to increased cravings and hunger. Even small amounts can cause significant imbalance.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners 

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 If you are craving something sweet from time to time, use real food to sweeten or alter the taste in your dish. Great options include cinnamon, banana, pure maple.

De-stress and Sleep Appropriately

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Prioritize sleep and relaxation for intestinal healing. Start and end your day with 10-minute guided meditation. Aim for 7 hours of sleep.

Incorporate Probiotics

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Probiotics maintain gut balance, aid digestion, and support metabolism by combating harmful microbes, eliminating toxins, and improving nutrient absorption.

Don’t Forget Prebiotics

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Prebiotics fuel probiotics, acting as soluble fiber that nourishes beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, essential for gut health.

Eat a Diet Made of Whole Foods

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Try your very best to remove inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, and sugar for at least 3 months while attempting to reseal your intestinal lining.

Veggie omelet with 1-2 TBSP guac on top (salsa is optional) + side of fruit Take a multivitamin with breakfast GI Revive on empty stomach between meals WORKOUT + Post Recovery Shake

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Digestive enzymes before meal Grilled chicken + sweet potato + salad + EVOO (Bonus for adding a few tablespoons of sauerkraut onto your salad) “Snack”: GI Revive on an empty stomach between meals

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Digestive enzyme before the meal Salmon + brown rice + green veggies Take a probiotic with dinner Dessert: Strawberries dipped in natural almond butter

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Stay focused on your health journey with self-study and consistency. Discipline pays off, leading to improved well-being and a brighter future!