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Ultimate Guide to Female Hormone Imbalance

Female hormones wield significant influence beyond the menstrual cycle. Understanding their broader impact on physiology is crucial for overall health.


Common Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Irregular menstrual cycles 

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Female cycles rely on hormone production, signaling, and reception. Identifying irregularities can pinpoint underlying imbalances. Options for assessment vary.

Hair Loss

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Hair loss can be a clear indication of nutrient deficiencies and suggest that hormones are out of whack. 

Weight Gain or Inability to Lose Weight

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Weight struggles despite diet and exercise changes may indicate hormone imbalance, a common issue.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

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Feeling introverted, low energy, bloated before menstruation is normal due to hormonal changes preparing the body for menstruation.

PMDD symptoms include:

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– Feeling majorly depressed for 1-2 weeks before your period starts – Anger or irritability – Poor focus – Moodiness – Feeling uninterested in socializing

Painful Periods

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Feeling discomfort, cramping, bloating, and fatigue during menstruation is normal, but severe pain and immobility are not.


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Female hormones impact each other, but certain symptoms can differentiate imbalances, aiding in targeted treatment.



At FWDfuel, we're here to support you in navigating female hormonal imbalances. We've experienced, learned, and helped many overcome these challenges.