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What are Healthy Fats?

Healthy fats aid nutrient absorption, insulate, regulate blood sugar, act as backup fuel, support organ function, and hormone regulation.


What are Healthy Fats, Exactly?

Unsaturated fat

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Consume unsaturated fats from fresh nuts, seeds, or cold-pressed oils for optimal health benefits.

Saturated Fat

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Saturated fat is crucial for cell membranes. Sources: grass-fed butter, ghee, coconut oil, dairy, and grass-fed beef.

Trans Fat

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Trans fat is artificially made from unsaturated fats, solidifying them to prolong shelf life. It's the most harmful form of saturated fat.

How Do I Calculate the Amount of Fat I Need Each Day?

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Although calorie counting isn't perfect, it's useful for determining fat needs.

Step 1

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Use the Mifflin St. Jeor Equation to calculate calorie needs. Consider activity level. Choose Weight Maintenance or Fat Loss option.

Step 2

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Scroll back to my posts on calculating your protein needs as well as calculating your carbohydrate needs. Once you have an answer for both, please write it down.

Step 3

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Take the amount of protein you calculated, in grams, and multiply it x4 because there are approximately 4 calories per gram of protein.

Step 4

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Subtract calories from protein and carbohydrate from total calorie calculation using Mifflin St. Jeor equation.



Discover the crucial role of healthy fats in your diet. From cellular function to hormone regulation, these fats are essential for optimal health.