Gelatinized vs Raw Maca – Which is Better?

What is Gelatinization?

Gelatinization uses heat to break down the starch in food, allowing water to be absorbed into the starch. It causes the foods to be softer and easier to consume.

What is Starch?

Starch, a complex carbohydrate from plants. Complex carbs, like those in starch, provide sustained energy, breaking down slower than simple sugars found in honey or sugar.

What is Gelatinized Maca Powder?

Gelatinized maca powder is raw powder that has been heated and processed with water to break down the starch in the maca to a more easily digestible form.

Gelatinized vs Raw Maca – Which is Better?

Gelatinized maca is generally better than raw for easier digestion and improved nutrient absorption in most people.

Who Should Choose Raw Maca Powder?

Some individuals tolerate raw foods well and may opt for raw maca powder if they don't experience GI symptoms like bloating with raw vegetables.

Gelatinized vs. Raw Maca Supplements

The myKind Organic Maca Root Powder, are gelatinized for optimal gut health. We prioritize gut health and recommend gelatinized forms of maca for our clients.

Our Top Gelatinized vs Raw Maca Supplement Recommendations: 

• Maca Powder by Gaia Herbs- Great basic gelatinized maca powder

• myKind Organics Maca Root Powder- Gelatinized maca + probiotic

• FemmenessencePRO HARMONY – Best for supporting hormone balance, menstrual

• FemmenessencePRO- PERI – Best for peri-menopausal women

• FemmenessencePRO- POST – Best for postmenopausal women



When comparing gelatinized vs raw maca, the clear winner for a majority of people is to go with an organic gelatinized version of maca.