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What is the Best Cookware for High Heat?

This post covers the best cookware for high-heat cooking, including whether stainless steel is suitable, key facts about using non-stick cookware, and professional chef-recommended pans for home use.


What Type of Pan is Best for High Heat?

Cast Iron

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We recommend cast iron, especially for those with low iron levels or athletes. Studies show it boosts iron levels and bioavailability in food.

Carbon Steel Frying Pans

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Carbon steel pans have a long lifespan, they are versatile, and they only get better with time. They are similar to cast iron in that they are both best for high heat cooking.

Carbon steel, when seasoned properly, develops a natural non-stick surface, eliminating the need for toxic coatings found in many nonstick pans.

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Why Carbon Steel Frying Pans are a Healthy Option

Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel is great because it can handle the harsh treatment that high heat cooking can often bring and heats quickly.

Some of the most common pans used by professional chefs are: Aluminum Stainless steel Copper Cast iron 

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What Kind of Pans Do Professional Chefs Use?

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Can You Use Nonstick on High Heat?

Nonstick pans, containing Perfluorocarbon (PFC) like Teflon, are linked to health issues including high cholesterol, cancer, and thyroid disease.



That's all you need to know about high-heat cookware! After reading this, you'll feel confident in choosing the best option for your needs.