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Victoria Marquard
Victoria Marquard
15:01 26 May 20
I look and feel the best I ever have because of FWDFuel! I've worked with Kylene for several years. She is AMAZING. Not... only has she given me solutions to fatigue and improved athletic performance- she's just fun to work with. I look forward to every time we meet. I feel comfortable sharing all my food intake, habits, and TMI with her and don't feel judged. She and the FWDFuel team are so awesome. I rave about them to everyone I more
Pat Guerra
Pat Guerra
16:11 15 May 20
The dietitians at FWDfuel are truly the best!!!! I've found that their knowledge is not your average "food pyramid" or... "healthy plate" advice. They really get to the root of your ailment and then personalize your nutrition strategy to get you where you need to be. I cannot say enough great things about them. They have helped me cure my joint pain and gain energy that I never had more
Julie Spilker
Julie Spilker
20:25 14 May 20
I've been lucky enough to work with Kylene for over a year! Her recommendations have improved my health more than I... thought possible! She helped me figure out how to eat, how to move and most importantly, she helped me get to the root cause of many annoying digestive and brain fog symptoms that I had been experiencing and that had been dismissed or ill-explained by other health care practitioners. She's been my biggest cheerleader and I really appreciate her positivity and support throughout this journey! She has a wealth of nutrition and wellness advice - I'm always blown away with what I learn during our sessions. I highly recommend her and her team!!read more
Tim Furey
Tim Furey
20:31 08 May 20
Very professional and knowledgeable presentations. Both Abby and Kylene are very knowledgeable about nutrition and how... proper nutrition can help athletes achieve their individual goals. After just a few days following their advice I felt better and noticed a difference in my more
Lacey Eaden
Lacey Eaden
15:25 17 Mar 20
Kylene is absolutely amazing! She inspired me to pursue my true passion (nutrition & fitness). She has taught me so... much about what it means to be healthy and how to mix up my diet while still chasing my goals. She is very understanding when discussing past relationships with food and keeps that in mind when making suggestions of how to better your nutrition. I am so happy I was recommended to work with her as she has changed my life in the best ways more
Laura Derov
Laura Derov
01:46 28 Feb 20
I had the pleasure of working with Abby over the last few weeks. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about... helping her clients. Over the years I have tried all sorts of nutrition fads. After working with Abby I have been able to develop a healthy and sustainable nutrition more
13:26 26 Feb 20
I have been working with Kylene for some time now and she has completely transformed by health and nutrition. I have... seen incredible results in the way I feel from the adjustments we have made with my nutrition. She is such a hard worker and has such a passion for what she more
Amberley Hudson
Amberley Hudson
01:45 26 Feb 20
Abby has really helped me learn so much about nutrition! She taught me about ingesting the right vitamins and minerals... through foods without the need for unnecessary supplements. She also has provided support for me with helping me understand the correct caloric requirements for my body. I am so thankful for her and her knowledge!read more
Hallie B
Hallie B
16:04 19 Feb 20
Abby is wonderful! While working with her, she helped me realize I was actually under eating! She zeroed in on my... specific nutrition and performance needs and I began to see positive changes in my body within two weeks! She was always available for questions and her responses were extremely knowledgeable and supportive. She puts in a significant amount of time and effort with each of her clients and it definitely shows! She is passionate about her field and genuinely loves helping people on their health and fitness journey!read more
Samantha Goode
Samantha Goode
23:18 18 Feb 20
I worked with Abby for about 8 months and the entire experience was great! She makes sure she’s available to you, and... she provides legitimate feedback based on nutrition science! She always makes sure she’s keeping up on science, research, and best practices to enhance her coaching. She provides you the tools you need and is always there for support. In the time I worked with her she helped me increase my food intake so that I was properly fueling my body, and I never felt better! I would definitely recommend Abby to everyone on their health journey. Beginners can learn so much from her, and people who know a lot of the basics can still learn from Abby, too! 10/10 would more
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Don’t be on the fence! Go for it! Kylene has been a wonderful source of light and brevity on a sometimes heavy journey towards the process to regain my health. At our first meeting, she made me LAUGH. Lightened my mood. Gave me hope that I would feel better. 

Not only did Kylene set me on the right path, foodwise, but she identified other possible sources of my fatigue, brain fog (MOLD, SIBO, CANDIDA OVERGROWTH).

You really can’t ask for a better person on your team! She has a WEALTH of food, fitness and wellness knowledge that she is happy to share with you. She is a damn smart cookie and I’ve learned SO MUCH from her recommendations (even awesome reading material) and am grateful for her every day. And she was right, everyday, I feel a little better. I highly recommend working with her!! 

K. S.

My teenage son, Ryan, Started Seeing Kylene…Kylene spent a lot of time just talking to Ryan.  She found out what he ate on a regular basis, how certain foods made him feel, and what his fitness goals were.  They came up with a plan to eliminate foods form his diet.  The transformation in Ryan has been enormous. By eliminating certain foods but giving hius many other food options, Ryan feels so much better and the change in his appearance has been amazing.  Kylene is the best!!

Maureen Sullivan

Where do I begin? My body (esp my gut) was a mess and I struggled to find relief.  I sought help from numerous doctros and often received a “band-ad” fix for my symptoms. I was also running at a competitive level at this time and literally felt like I was running on fumes…My life was given back to me!! Not only does my gut feel better but I have more energy, able to digest my food, improved performance with running. and a better quality of life.  Thank you for everything!!! 

Dianne F

I play basketball and run cross country at my high school. My biggest challenge was gaining weight for basketball and maintaining the weight while participating in cross country.

After working with Kylene and following her healthy weight gain program, I was able to gain weight using an all-natural, whole foods approach. The weight gain program was detailed and easy to follow. It provided all the tools I needed to gain weight the healthy way. It included so many great tips, meal plans and clean supplement and food product recommendations that helped me achieve my weight gain goals. I also learned about fueling strategies to help improve my training, performance, and recovery during my cross country season. Using whole, nutritious foods to fuel my body has changed not only my athletic performance but has given me more energy and focus. It has allowed me to train harder.

Kylene is passionate about functional sports nutrition and the resources and information FWDfuel provides can be used by athletes from any sport. She is enthusiastic and really cares about her clients. It was a lot of fun working with her!

Thank you Kylene for providing me with the knowledge and tools to gain weight the healthy way and to improve my athletic performance.

Matthew Swope

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Kylene Bogden Sports Nutrition Dietitian

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