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A whole food, individualized approach to sports nutrition.  

Moving you forward one bite at a time.3  



A whole food, individualized approach to sports nutrition.  

Moving you forward one bite at a time.3  


Food Sensitivities & Fighting Fatigue

The Relationship Between Dairy and Acne
Have you ever wondered whether diet affects your skin? You’re not alone. Over 40% of young adults believe certain foods aggravate their acne [1],[2].  Acne is the world’s most common skin condition, affecting 85% of adolescents and 50% of young adults aged 20-29...

Functional Sports Nutrition 101

9 Best Fermented Foods for Athletes
Eating fermented foods is one of the best things you can do for the health of your gut. Researchers are continually finding additional benefits beyond the gastrointestinal (GI) system that these foods can offer. However, what foods are fermented foods?  Furthermore,...
7 Amazing Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods for Athletes
Have you become aware of the buzz that’s currently surrounding fermented foods? It seems these probiotic-packed foods are all that health aficionados are talking about lately. Are you confused about what the benefits of eating fermented foods are and why they’re being...
The 4 Unbelievable Benefits of Maca Root
Doesn't it seem like there is always a new superfood or "essential ingredient" we need to add to our smoothie? I understand that if we all followed the hype we would have 50+ powders in all of our smoothies. Maca root powder is different though.  I promise. I know...

Our Mission

Kylene Bogden, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN, CLT

Kylene Bogden, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN, CLT

Co-Founder of FWDfuel Sports Nutrition


Sports Nutrition Evolved

Welcome to the new world of sports nutrition. Functional Sports Nutrition (FSN) was inspired by Functional Medicine and fine-tuned for athletes, by athletes. A FSN approach emphasizes getting to the root of how the individual athlete works in order to enhance performance. Our mission is to help you reach new levels of health and energy through whole foods. When your body is fed premium fuel, nutrient deficiencies are corrected and gut health is restored. This leads to better recovery and achieving victories you never thought possible. It’s time to get rid of the over-hyped, processed food that has been robbing your potential.

Are you looking for:

  • Food sensitivity elimination diet

  • Basic elimination diet for athletes

  • A gluten and dairy free meal plan

  • Clean-eating nutrition tips for athletes

  • Improved recovery and performance

You’ve come to the right place, you’ll find what you need right here.

Functional Sports Nutrition is a game changer. Get ready to learn how a nutrient-dense, whole food approach can help you achieve your dreams- one bite at a time. 

What Our Athletes are Saying

“After being diagnosed at sixteen years of age with Addison’s Disease, a rare autoimmune disorder that robs one of cortisoI, a hormone necessary for many functions including energy and the immune system, I quickly realized that conventional medicine alone would not restore my health. As an honor student and two sport athlete with basketball as my passion, functional nutrition helped me to regain health and return to the basketball court and my academics stronger than ever. Functional nutrition’s dietary and lifestyle interventions have afforded me the ability to keep my body and mind strong so that I can lead an active and normal life..”


“Gaining a knowledge in proper nutrition helped change my life in a positive way. It somewhat changed my life. Before Kylene showed me how to eat properly and nourish my body I felt very sluggish after practice or a workout. I feel I have gained an edge because I have more energy then ever before. I now view my body like a car. Without the proper gas, my car will never last ! If you never fuel your body with the correct nutrients it will never last over the course of the season. Thanks Kylene for helping me maximize my potential as a collegiate football player!”

Harold C.

Following a structured nutrition program FINALLY gave me that extra edge I was always looking for in my athletic career. It helped me perform at the best of my ability physically and mentally for the entire game, practice, lift, etc.

Sam K.

“After seeing numerous GI physicians without any success, I finally decided to take a functional nutrition approach. For the first time in years, I was able to run without GI distress! Thank you Kylene for helping me to compete in college and beyond!!”

Rachel K.

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Helping athletes achieve their dreams one bite at a time.  

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