With our food supply lacking nutrients (confirmed by research) and microbiome diversity decreasing, everyone requires a few crucial supplements to achieve optimal health and slow the aging process.[1,2,3,4]

Supplements are a hot topic these days, and with so many new brands and variations launching each week, our clients grow more confused by the day.  We’re constantly asked, “What are the best supplement brands” and “Can you just give me a list of the top 5 supplements for optimal health?” 

We encourage an individualized approach to nutrition so we would like to focus more on the absolute top nutritional supplement brands in the world for you to consider buying from right now.

Furthermore, we want all of our readers to have access to one of the most affordable places to buy the highest quality supplements from the most reputable companies so we’re going to discuss Wellevate, where we have been buying our supplements from for years. It is hands down the best place to buy supplements online to assure you’re getting products from high-quality brands that are not expired or counterfeit.  Oh, and one more thing, we’re going to share a Wellevate promo code discount for our readers to get the best deal on the most trusted supplement brands.

What are the Top Nutritional Supplement Brands in the World?

Let’s be honest, there are THOUSANDS of supplement brands on the market today and the list is not shortening anytime soon.

Most brands are less than ideal when it comes to quality and many companies do not follow high manufacturing standards. It is easier than you might think to manufacture a supplement and as a result, there are a lot of dangerous substances on the market. Buyer beware!

In case you have any doubts about how bad some supplements are, check out this study by NOW Nutrition which showed 8 different supplements bought off a popular website contained less than 8% of the primary ingredient listed on their label and some with no traceable amount at all.

Adding fuel to this dumpster fire is the fact that according to the FDA, 52% of Supplement Manufacturers in the U.S. and 42% of manufacturers internationally were found to be noncompliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices though this is required by law. Keep in mind that the FDA only inspects a small number of manufacturing facilities each year.[15]

Furthermore, it is scary to see that the common violation by these noncompliant supplement companies is “establishing product specifications for the identity, purity, strength, and/or composition of the finished dietary supplement”

It’s not our opinion that many supplements are junk, its a fact!

So, who are the most trusted supplement brands?

You will likely receive very different answers from different practitioners. We chose the following brands based on years of client and patient experience in addition to our own investigative work behind the scenes and shown below. 

Here are FWDfuel’s 13 best supplement brands in no particular order:

  1. Thorne
  2. Pure Encapsulations
  3. Innate Response
  4. Integrative Therapeutics
  5. Nordic Naturals
  6. Designs for Health
  7. Klaire Labs
  8. Douglas Labs/Klean Athlete
  9. Microbiome Labs (not available on Wellevate yet)
  10. Gaia Herbs
  11. Garden of Life
  12. Now Sports
  13. Metagenics

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What Makes These Brands the Top Nutritional Supplement Brands in the World?

  1. Sourcing: Sourcing of raw materials from reputable and traceable sources.
  2. Production: Produce supplements in a certified and accredited facility.
  3. Testing: Performers testing of both the sourcing of their materials and the end product for quality.
  4. Transparency: Welcome testing from third parties. (i.e. Pure Encapsulations has an open door policy and welcomes you to come to visit their facility any time.)
  5. Labeling: What is on their label is actually in their supplements and often verified by third-party testing.
Emerson Wellevate Gold Rated Product logo used to signify a product or brand from it online dispensary has past its most stringent certification

Certifications confirming the high quality of these brands include:

NSF Certified for Sport logo which is often found with some of the top nutritional supplement brands in the world
  1. Gold Certification in the Emerson Quality Program: Ensures a brand tests every lot of every ingredient in the products they manufacture.[5]
  2. NSF International Certified for Sport Certification: Ensures a product is free of 270+ banned substances by major athletic organizations, confirms supplement contents match what is on the label, and confirms no unsafe levels of contaminants, and the product is manufactured at a facility that is GMP registered and audited twice annually.[6]

Top Supplement Brand Certification Breakdown

Emerson Gold CertifiedNSF Certified for Sport OptionManufacture in a
GMP-Audited Facility
Unique Fact
ThorneYesYesReceived an A1 rating from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, which is recognized as the toughest regulatory agency in the world. Thorne is the first U.S. nutritional supplement company to be fully certified.
Pure EncapsulationsYesYesAll ingredients are GMO; maintains an “open plant” policy- “you can visit our plant at any time, without pre-notification to inspect our immaculate facility.”
Innate ResponseYesOnly brand certified glyphosate residue-free.
Integrative TherapeuticsYesYesThe only supplement manufacturers that chooses to register with the FDA and comply with FDA audits to align with Food cGMPs, FDA cGMPs, and FDA Drug 21 CFR 210/211 OTC standards.
MetagenicsYesYesDonations from Metagenics vitamins support 100,000 children annually.
Nordic NaturalsYesYesSource fish for omega-3s products in some of the cleanest waters on earth, and bottle all our fish oils in an oxygen-free, nitrogen-rich environment to promote freshness. 
Designs for HealthYesYesOver 90% of Designs for Health supplements are manufactured in company-owned plants in Arlee, Montana and Henderson, NV.
Klaire LabsYesYesThe Strains used in Klaire Labs® probiotic formulations have undergone 16S rRNA gene sequencing to validate the specific genetic pattern in comparison to established, documented strains.
Douglas Labs/Klean AthleteYesYesMade to support active lifestyles with every product line GMO-free and formulated without wheat, gluten, or artificial coloring, flavoring or sweeteners. 
Microbiome Labs Initiated and/or completed 14 clinical trials in 2018.
Gaia HerbsYesCreated Meet Your Herbs®, the world’s first herb traceability platform that allows the ability to discover the origin of your herbs, how they were grown, and see validation of your product’s level of purity and potency.
Garden of LifeYesYesCertified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified
Now SportsYesYesPerforms as many as 16,000 individual tests a month on the quality and purity of their products

Fun Fact: We consider Thorne the best quercetin supplement brand as well as the top maker of NAD-boosting supplements. We consider Quicksilver Scientific the maker of the best glutathione supplements.

Why is Emerson Wellevate the Best Place to Buy Supplements Online?

We have used Wellevate for years… and for good reason!

Wellevate only stocks the highest quality supplements from the best quality supplement brands.

Wellevate is an industry-leading online supplement distributor. What sets Wellevate apart is it’s easy-to-use, HIPPA compliant platform, the ability to set up auto-refills, and the fact that they are the only professional-grade online supplement distributor with a mobile app.

Wellevate stocks over 300+ premier supplement brands that ship right to your door in a matter of 3-5 business days. Each order over $49 includes free shipping. 

Also worth noting: Emerson Ecologics is the parent company of Wellevate and they have been in business for over 30 years. This means all supplements are thoroughly screened and tested before being added to the online dispensary. 

By the way, if you are brand new to this world and you’re not sure where to begin, we have created a ton of protocols for various conditions such as joint pain, and weight loss.

If you want to learn more about how to set up an account and use Wellevate, check out our video here:

What is the Best Wellevate Promo Code?

While everyone would love a Wellevate promo code, few have the ability to share one. It cannot simply be googled!

Wellevate maintains close relationships with the healthcare providers they work with and do not openly distribute Wellevate promo codes. The reason for this is that your healthcare provider must permit you to access their dispensary. So, practitioners have the ability to offer their clients (or readers!) built-in promo code discounts with the links for their clients/readers. Here at FWDfuel, we offer our readers a built-in Wellevate promo code discount of 20% Wellevate all orders for life if you create your account using our link. The discount is automatically applied at checkout and never expires for the FWDfuel community. 

A lot of our readers ask why we offer this high of a discount compared to others. While this might seem strange, we believe this is critical when it comes to complete health restoration. Our lead dietitian once practiced functional nutrition at a world-renowned hospital. Thousands of patients came through the doors and the vast majority were unable to afford high-quality supplements at full price. (And let’s be honest, who really can??! Especially when you have to take a large number of them.) 

This led to many patients cutting corners in other areas such as food, healthcare testing, and even date nights with their spouses. Our dietitian thought, this is NOT O.K. and if I ever have my own clients one day, I will always do what I can to improve the affordability of supplements. 

So, while a lot of practitioners make a lot of money off of the commission they receive from offering Wellevate products, we increased the Wellevate promo code discount to our clients and reduced our commission to help our clients and readers have access to the highest quality supplements at the best price. The prices really are the best, we encourage you to compare. Also, please keep in mind that the (minimal) commission we receive from buying off Wellevate comes at no cost to you and it helps us keep this blog running so we can help more people!

We believe health is true wealth, and everyone should have the opportunity to feel their best.

Posts related to our Wellevate and the Top Nutritional Supplement Brands post:

Is There a Wellevate Dispensary App?

Yes! In fact, the Wellevate app is what most of our clients have switched to due to convenience. It is so helpful to be able to order supplements with the touch of a button, no matter where you are in the world. Plus, the app makes it extremely easy to sign up for automatic refills. If you’d like to check out Wellevate’s patient app, go to the search box in your app store and type “Wellevate.” There should only be one option for this app and the symbol is blue and white. 

Once you download the Wellevate app and create an account, you can order supplements at your discretion and your health care provider can add supplements into your online cart for you to purchase.

The Top 5 Supplements for Optimal Health

We are constantly teaching and coaching in the community, and with that comes a wide variety of questions related to supplementation. Frequently, the most common question is…

What supplements should I take daily?” 

Our first response is, “It depends”. Supplements should be fine-tuned to each individual!!

Are you an athlete? If so, are you a professional doing hours of training daily or a weekend warrior?  What type of athlete are you, a runner or a lifter/power athlete?  

Are you bedridden with an autoimmune condition? What type of symptoms are you experiencing? Do you live in an area of the country with clean water and ample sunlight? What does your diet look like?

The questions continue as optimizing a supplement regime is highly individualized.  

With that said, many ask us simply, “Can you provide me a list of the top 5 supplements everyone should take so I can get started somewhere?”

Sure, here is the direct link to our 5 favorite supplements for overall health with a 20% discount attached, and for those who care to know the “why” behind it all, here is a PDF list of the top 5 supplements to take for optimal health to help you get started.  Before beginning this supplement routine, we recommend consulting your doctor and functional dietitian (find one by searching in this directory) to see if it is appropriate for you. From there, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a functional medicine physician or IFNA (Institute of Functional Nutrition Academy) trained dietitian to fine-tune your supplement routine to meet your individual needs.  

Infographic of the Top 5 Supplements from the top nutritional supplement brands in the world

If you’d like to give any of these supplements a whirl, simply create your own Wellevate account and search for the supplements you would prefer. The discount and free shipping will automatically be applied at checkout. 

Lastly, please note that this is a basic supplement protocol that would work well for the general population. If you are active and eat fairly well, think of this as maintenance support. This is meant to fill in the “loopholes of life” (stress, lack of veggies, depleted soil etc.) as we call it. 

More and more research is emerging stating that correcting nutrient deficiencies from the start can prevent everything from the aging process to fatigue and even memory loss. We have actually seen clients who were diagnosed with serious conditions such as dementia, only to find that the root issue was severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies, NOT, an actual health condition.  

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Wellevate and the top nutritional supplement brands in the world. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! We’d love to help, and we’d love the opportunity to learn more about which topics will better guide you on your health journey. 

Happy eating…and supplementing!


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