Snapshot: Get ready for a Quercetin boost! This anti-inflammatory gem, found in the skin of many fruits and vegetables, has many tremendous health benefits. It shines even brighter in its phytosome form, which absorbs dramatically better than its raw form. Only a handful of top-notch brands use this game-changer form, and yup, you’ll find them on our exclusive list.

The top pick if you want a quercetin-only supplement is Quercetin Phytosome by Thorne. The best overall and most powerful quercetin supplement is is PolyResveratrol-SR by Thorne because it combines quercetin phytosome with curcumin, pterostilbene, and resveratrol to make an outstanding. It’s no surprise then that Thorne is the best quercetin brand. Keep reading below to get all the details. 🌟

The best quercetin supplement has the potential to reduce inflammation, slow aging, and enhance health. 

While we can source quercetin from eating healthy fruits and vegetables, this is usually too small of an amount to receive major anti-inflammatory effects. To receive the most significant benefit of quercetin such as reduced oxidative damage and improved immune health, it is usually necessary to take it in supplemental form.

In this post, we detail the best high-quality quercetin supplement, the best quercetin brands, and the top foods for increasing quercetin in your diet.

What is Quercetin?

Quercetin is a yellow-colored flavonoid found in plants and dietary supplements. Flavonoids are natural substances often found in the skin of fruits and vegetables, as well as in flowers, grains, bark, roots, stems, tea, and wine.[1.4] 

Flavonoids have become popular for their many cosmetic, health, and medical applications due to their poweful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antimutagenic potential.  

What is an Antimutagen?

An antimutagen is something that can block or limit the effects of harmful chemicals.[5] Living in a toxic world full of mold, pesticides, and other toxins, many of us benefit greatly from consuming antimutagen flavonoids like quercetin.

So, to make things simple, think of quercetin as a super beneficial compound, often found in the skin of plants, that can limit or even reverse the damage done to us from aging and toxins.  

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The Best Quercetin Supplement List

It’s time to review the best quercetin brand and supplements. Each brand on this list is of high quality and would make an excellent choice depending on your needs. 

In reviewing the list it will be crystal clear that the best quercetin brand Thorne. We have no affiliation with Thorne and they’re the top brand by using the most easily absorbed form of quercetin and having the best quercetin supplement variations.

Best OverallPolyResveratrol-SR by Thorne
Best For Maxiimum Quercetin AbsorptionQuercetin Complex by Thorne
Best Quercetin-Only SupplementQuercetin Phytosome by Thorne
Best For AllergiesHista-Aid by Quicksilver Scientific
Best Immune Boosting Supplement with QuercetinOptimized Quercetin by Life Extension
Best For ArthritisQuercetin + Nettles by Designs for Health
Best Anti-Aging Supplement with QuercetinPolyResveratrol-SR by Thorne

1.  PolyResveratrol-SR by Thorne

Bottle of PolyResveratrol-SR by Thorne, our top pick for the best quercetin qupplement
  • Combines Curcumin Phytosome, Green Tea Phytosome (decaffeinated), Trans-Resveratrol, and Trans-Pterostilbene with 100 mg of quercetin phytosome for a super-potent anti-aging supplement
  • Quercetin helps slow the breakdown of resveratrol, enhancing the benefits of this well-known anti-aging ingredient
  • 100mg Quercetin Phytosome with 20x higher absorption than most quercetin supplements

Why is Thorne the best quercetin supplement brand and their PolyResveratrol-SR arguably the best quercetin supplement?

Simple, they use a capsule form of quercetin that absorbs 20x better than most brands, and this is arguably the most effective quercetin supplement out there for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging purposes.

If you’re looking to slow the aging process and crush inflammation, do you really want to take 5 different supplements to do it?


For this reason, we really, really love the outstanding combination of ingredients Thorne has put together in their PolyResveratrol-SR supplement.

While many of us have heard of the benefits of resveratrol, few of us are aware that it is poorly absorbed and short-lived in the body, which limits its effectiveness. However, Thorne uses trans-resveratrol, which absorbs better. Furthermore, they’ve found that quercetin slows the breakdown of resveratrol, so when the two are taken together there is an enhanced benefit.

The other magical ingredients in this amazing supplement include Green Tea Phytosome, which supports our metabolism and liver detoxification, Trans-Pterostilbean, which is a powerful sirtuin activator for slowing aging, and Curcumin phytosome to reduce inflammation.

While some may see that this supplement only has 100mg of Quercetin, remember that it is a phytosome form that absorbed 20x better than what most companies have in their product, so a small amount still absorbs more than a high dose in other supplements, such as the 500mg recommended dosage in most other supplement brands.

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We support Fullscript because they ship all supplements directly from temperature-controlled warehouses and are shipped in temperature-controlled packaging when necessary.  IT IS CRUCIAL TO PREVENT QUERCETIN FROM EXCESSIVE HEAT EXPOSURE AND BEING ON SHELVES TOO LONG OR IT LOSES POTENCY. For this reason, we buy our supplements directly from Fullscript. 

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2. Quercetin Complex by Thorne

Bottle of Quercetin Complex which is produced by the best quercetin brand Thorne
  • Combines Bromelain which enhances quercetin absorption
  • Only supplement on the list to combine BOTH Quercetin Phytosome and Bromelain, the best combination for ULTIMATE quercetin absorption

One ingredient that is commonly used among companies that offer a quercetin supplement is bromelain. It is crucial for most companies selling a quercetin supplement to include this, otherwise, very little quercetin makes it out of our gut and into the bloodstream. Thus, most quercetin supplements that do not have Quercetin Phytosome or include bromelain are a poor investment since most of the quercetin will just pass through the gut and never be absorbed.

Now, what if you combine BOTH Quercetin Phytosome and bromelain? Well then, winner-winner, chicken dinner.

Quercetin Complex by Thorne should be your top pick if your sole goal is to have the absolute most quercetin absorbed.

Quercetin Complex by Thorne is  👉 only available on Fullscript👈.

3. Quercetin Phytosome by Thorne

Bottle of Quercetin Phytosome from Thorne
  • Best quercetin supplement brand
  • Uses a phytosome form of quercetin that is 20x better absorbed than most any other brand making it extremely more effective
  • Our top pick for the best quercetin supplement of those that are quercetin- only

Want a quercetin-only supplement or simply a quality quercetin supplement that is more affordable than the PolyResveratrol-SR Complex? Quercetin Phytosome by Thorne is your top option. 

Sometimes its hard to tell what supplement is helping or hurting you when there is a mixture of ingredients so having a potent antioxidant supplement with only 1 primary ingredient is often helpful

As already mentioned, their phytosome technology sets them apart from most other companies, allowing for quicker and greater absorption. For this reason, you can likely get all the quercetin you need in one 250mg capsule in the Quercetin Phytosome from Thorne while you will need 2-3 capsules and a lot higher dosage from other brands while still getting lesser results.

One of many essential components to Thorne being considered the best quercetin supplement brand is the fact that their products go through extensive third-party testing to encourage quality and potency. Their supplements are also produced in “cGMP” facilities which means they’re audited regularly and follow appropriate manufacturing practices. Few companies operate at the same standard as Thorne when the sourcing of ingredients, manufacturing, testing of supplements, and bioavailability of supplements are evaluated together.

You may purchase Quercetin Phytosome by Thorne on Amazon. A better option, however, is to 👉buy it through Fullscript👈, which is $2 cheaper when you use our affiliate link to create your Fullscript account!

4. Hista-Aid by Quicksilver Scientific

Bottle of Quicksilver Scientrific Hista-Aid- the best quercetin supplement for those with mast cell syndrome
  • Best option for those with allergies or Mast Cell concerns
  • Combines liposomal Vitamin C, DIM, and Luteolin with liposomal auercetin for powerful histamine reduction
  • Only option in liquid form which allows absorption to start in seconds once in the mouth

When it comes to enhancing the absorption of supplements using phytosomes and liposomal technology, Quicksilver Scientific is one of the most innovative companies in the world using the technology. So, it makes perfect sense to look to Quicksilver Scientific for a quercetin supplement, considering that quercetin is poorly absorbed on its own.

Hista-Aid by Quicksilver Scientific is directly focused on helping those with allergies and histamine issues. This supplement includes Diindolylmethane, also known as DIM, which helps calm the immune system and Vitamin C to help neutralize histamine. It also includes Luteolin and Quercetin which are both flavonoids known to help stabilize mast cells. Together, DIM, Vitamin C, Quercetin, and Luteolin make for one of the best supplements available for combating allergies and Mast Cell issues.

Now, do you want to save some HUGE $$$ on this super-powerful supplement?

You can purchase Hista-Aid by Quicksilver Scientific on Amazon, but you can 👉save over $14 🤯 by purchasing through Fullscript!👈

5. Quercetin and Pterostilbene Advanced by Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola Quercetin with Pterostilbene - one of the best quercetin supplements with extra antioxidants
  • Only other brand besides Thorne and Quicksilver Scientific with certified testing and manufacturing to use a phytosome version of quercetin
  • Combines 500mg of quercetin phytosome with 50mg of trans-Pterostilbene in 2 capsules for 30.39 for 60 capsules
  • Only company to deliver supplements in amber glass bottles to avoid the use of plastic
  • Contains 1/2 the amount of Pterostilbene but 5x more Quercetin than PolyResveratrol-SR by Thorne
  • $$$ Great budget buy- Contains the most Quercetin Phytosome per dollar on the list!

We all love a budget option, right?

Quercetin and Pterostilbene Advanced by Dr. Mercola offers 500 milligrams of quercetin phytosome per dose (2 capsules) the most quercetin phytosome on the list. In fact, you get double the amount of quercetin phytosome for the same cost as Quercetin Phytosome by Thorne, which doesn’t include pterostilbene!

The Dr. Mercola brand has a reputation for producing organic, biodynamic, and high-quality supplements. While they don’t have the same reputation as Thorne or Quicksilver Scientific, they’re a fast-growing and respectable brand.

The goal of Quercetin and Pterostilbene Advanced by Dr. Mercola is to combine two of the most powerful antioxidants into one single supplement.

While Quercetin and Pterostilbene Advanced by Dr. Mercola is available on Amazon, we would encourage you to pay the exact same price while also getting the assurance of non-expired, temperature-controlled, and direct from the manufacturer sourcing of your supplements by purchasing through Fullscript!👈

6. Optimized Quercetin by Life Extension

Life optimized quercetin bottle
  • Combines Vitamin C, Bioflavonoid Food Blend, and Camu-Camu extract for powerful immune support
  • Uses Quercetin Dihydrate, a synthetic form of quercetin
  • Best option if you want food-derived sources of quercetin in your supplement

Optimized Quercetin by Life Extension is a very affordable immune-enhancing supplement with quercetin. In fact, it is the lowest price supplement on the list, but that is because it uses Quercetin Dihydrate instead of Quercetin Phytosome.

Quercetin Phytosome is a synthetic form of quercetin, likely making it cheaper to source and produce. Additionally, because it is not a liposome or phytosome, much of it will be broken down in the gut and fail to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The optimized food blend in this supplement contains food-derived extracts such as bitter orange, apple, and opinion, all quality quercetin sources.

Additionally, this product includes Camu-camu extract which is a rich source of vitamin C.

Despite not packing the easily absorbing Quercetin Phytosome, this supplement receives rave reviews from those who’ve tried it, including over 1,300 5-star reviews on Amazon!

Life Extension as a company does not submit to the same rigor of testing and quality control as the other companies on this list but they claim a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will refund your money if you’re not happy. Additionally, they claim 99% of their supplements are manufactured in the U.S.

Optimized Quercetin by Life Extension is available on Amazon or on Fulscript. Remember, once you create an account on Fullscript with our link. you will receive 20% off any supplement you buy for life!

Why is Quercetin Beneficial?

Quercetin is beneficial due to its antioxidant properties and ability to fight inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer, and improve overall health. 

Fun fact: Human studies have proven the benefits of quercetin. An Italian study found that those who consumed a high amount of quercetin-rich foods had a lower risk of lung cancer and a Swedish study found similar effects with stomach cancer.[6,7,8]  

Common benefits of Quercetin: 

  • Allergy support
  • Reduced histamine response
  • Enhanced immune health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved respiratory health 
  • Improved prostate health
  • Assists in fighting cancer & reducing the risk of developing cancer
Infographic explaining the benefits of quercetin so readers better understand why they should take the best quercetin supplement

How do I Choose a Quercetin Supplement?

It’s important to only buy the best quercetin supplement from the best quercetin brands because some forms of quercetin absorb better than others and will be much more effective.

When choosing a quercetin supplement, it is best to choose one with quercetin phytosome, which is 20x more powerful than traditional forms due to the increased absorption of quercetin.[13]

If you are not using a quercetin phytosome supplement, be sure to choose one that includes bromelain, which has been shown to increase quercetin absorption and enhance anti-inflammatory properties.[15] It is possible to have both bromelain and Quercetain Phytosome in the same supplement for ultimate quercetin absorption, just see #2 on our list!

Additionally, many supplements do not contain the labeled amount in them or have been sitting on shelves for long periods which together leads to less effective supplements.

Keep in mind the information on this website and provided by FWDfuel Sports Nutrition is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information on or available through this website, is for general information purposes only. Always consult a medical professional for questions you have concerning your health and wellness. Omnia Function LLC dba FWDfuel Sports Nutrition is not liable for risks or issues associated with using or acting upon the information they provide.

Where to Purchase a Quality Quercetin Supplement

When choosing a quercetin supplement, be sure to source it directly from a supplement distributor such as Fullscript, that ships supplements directly to consumers. 

Large companies that are not solely focused on supplements often store them in warehouses without temperature regulation and do not regulate how long they sit on shelves, leading to low-quality or expired supplements being shipped to you. 

We choose the best quercetin supplements by finding reputable brands with 3rd party testing to confirm quality. Additionally, we choose brands that manufacture their supplements in GMP Certified facilities which means their manufacturing practices are audited and confirmed to be at the highest standard.   

If you’re interested in buying your without the worry of counterfeit made of sugar and cinnamon or decreased potency because of poor storage and shipping, use our link to create a free Fullscript account to receive a discount on your supplements for life.

>>> Link To Discounted Best Quercetin Supplement List on Fullscript

When trying to find the best quercetin brand, be sure to look for:

  • 3rd party testing such as NSF, Informed Choice, or Consumer Lbs
  • GMP Certification on the label or company website (Certification confirming the brand uses good manufacturing practices)
  • Other ingredients included in the supplement
  • Desired dosage
  • Delivery method preferred- i.e. capsule, powder, liquid, chewable, etc. 
Infographic explaining what things to look for when selecting the best quercetin supplement. The best quercetin brands will use a phytosome form and have 3rd party testing to confirm quality.

What is the Difference Between Quercetin Phytosome and Quercetin?

Quercetin is frequently sourced from plants such as the Japanese Pagoda tree and often written on the label as “Sophora japonica” or simply listed as “Quercetin”.

Quercetin phytosome is made by taking quercetin in its raw form and combining it with a phospholipid such as sunflower phospholipids. The phospholipid creates a protective barrier around the quercetin, allowing it to avoid being broken down in the gut and increase absorption into the bloodstream.

So, quercetin phytosome is a form of quercetin in a protective barrier called a phospholipid.

Fun fact: Research shows that Quercetin Phytosome absorbs 20x better than quercetin in its raw form and has no known side effects.[14]

Bowls of onions and capers which are quercetin-rich foods.

What Foods are High in Quercetin?

The best sources of quercetin are capers, apples, red grapes, honey, cherries, raspberries, onions, citrus fruits, plums, buckwheat, and green leafy vegetables. The foods with the highest quercetin content are capers and onions![9,12] 

Pro tip: Use caution when preparing or storing foods when quercetin absorption is your goal. Boiling and frying foods have been shown to decrease quercetin content.[10] 

Fun Fact: Onions lose 33% of their quercetin in the first 12 days after being picked. So, buying or growing locally can dramatically increase your quercetin content![11]

Foods high in quercetin chart

Who Should Avoid Quercetin?

Those who are sensitive to caffeine and using prescription medications will want to use caution when supplementing with Quercetin. 

Studies have shown that quercetin reduces the ability to metabolize caffeine and interferes with the CYP enzymes our body uses to metabolize many drugs.[1.2]

Additionally, extremely high doses of quercetin may have the potential to cause kidney damage. Thus, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those with kidney disease should avoid quercetin supplementation and talk to their medical provider if they’re interested in supplementing with it.[3] 

Lastly, quercetin may react with calcium channel blockers, estradiol, and immune suppressive drugs.

ALWAYS consult your physician or a qualified health professional before taking this product.


The best quercetin supplements are heads and shoulders above the rest when it comes to quercetin supplements. The amount of quercetin absorbed in our bloodstream when taking a quality quercetin supplement with Quercetin Phytosome vs quercetin alone is dramatically different.

While it may cost a bit more to buy a supplement with Quercetin Phytosome, considering that it’s 20x better absorbed and dramatically more effective, its actually much cheaper considering the amount your body absorbs, making it worth spending just a few more bucks.

When you’re looking to reduce inflammation and boost your energy levels naturally, quercetin should be a dietary supplement you consider. It can help our body in a variety of ways, from reducing oxidative stress and free radicals to decreasing inflammation and supporting a healthy immune system. This together help reduce fatigue and improve cellular energy!

However, keep in mind that a supplement like quercetin is just a part of the puzzle. There are a variety of ways to reduce inflammation and naturally boost energy from using the best NAD supplements to enhance mitochondrial function to enhancing detoxification and optimizing our sleep. Remember, we cannot out-supplement a diet full of inflammatory foods or a lifestyle full of stress. Choose one of the best quercetin supplements as part of an overall strategy for optimizing your health! 


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