The benefits of boosting Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) in slowing aging, boosting energy, and more have become more and more clear. This has led many to ask, “How can I increase my NAD levels?” and, “What is the best NAD supplement?”

The confusing part of finding the best NAD supplement is the fact that we cannot take NAD itself. To improve NAD levels and, most importantly, boost NAD levels in our cells (this is all that really matters), we can only do things such as taking supplements that boost our body’s NAD production

This leads many people to compare the various NAD boosting supplements, such as NADH vs nicotinamide riboside, and wonder, “What is the difference between NAD+ and NADH?”

This post will not only compare NADH vs nicotinamide riboside, two of the best NAD+ boosters, but will also answer the questions  – What is NAD+ and why is it important, and what is the best NAD supplement? 

What is NAD+ and Why is it Important?

NAD+ also known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and commonly referred to as just NAD, is a “coenzyme” found in the cells of all living organisms.[1] 

NAD primarily serves 2 purposes:

  1. Providing fuel & energy ⚡️ for cells to carry out tasks such as DNA repair, gene regulation, and more. This is done by supporting “redox” reactions in cells. 
  2. Support chemical reactions in the body and signaling between cells. 

By giving energy to cells and helping support how every cell in the body works, higher NAD levels have the potential to dramatically improve health and slow the aging process.

Why It’s Not Easy Boosting NAD Levels

Since NAD plays such a crucial role in providing fuel to our cells and helping our body carry out so many tasks, such as gene repair and messaging to other cells, it makes perfect sense why so many people want to boost their NAD levels.

However, research shows we cannot likely supplement with NAD+ or NADH and expect the NAD levels in our cells to increase.

The issue is, when we take NAD+ or NADH it is likely does not make in into our cells and instead stays in the bloodstream. 

Why Having More NAD in Our Blood Is Probably NOT a Good Idea

Simply put, we need to boost the NAD levels in our cells so our cells have more energy to do what they need to do.  Getting NAD in our cells is what will give us the long-term anti-aging and enhanced health benefits most of us are looking for.

Instead of making its way inside our cells, NAD taken via an oral supplement or IV likely acts like a chemical messenger signaling a cell, or many cells, are struggling or need to be destroyed because they’re no longer functioning optimally.

This cellular response from higher NAD in our blood leads many people not to feel so great as the body responds to these signals, AND they don’t get the desired results of increased NAD levels in their cells either.[2]

So, now that we’ve answered the question – What is NAD+ and why is it important, it’s time to dig into the question – “How can I increase my NAD levels?” 

What’s the Difference Between NAD+ and NADH?

NADH is NAD plus the addition of hydrogen (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide + hydrogen). NADH is a “reduced” form of NAD+ and is important in that it can “donate” hydrogen for chemical reactions to occur properly amongst the cells in our body. 

The ratio of NAD+ to NADH is an important ratio that is commonly measured in research.[7]  

Research Showing the Power of NAD+ Replenishment

Now that we understand what NAD+ is and why it is important, here are just a few snippets of exciting research showing the power of increasing or restoring our NAD levels. 

  • A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on runners showed the use of NMN for 6 weeks increases aerobic capacity.[14] 
  • Restoring NAD+ levels in females may restore fertility and enhance embryo development.[11]
  • Recovering NAD+ levels may increase ovulation and enhance fertilization.[12]
  • NMN supplementation has been shown to increase muscle insulin sensitivity in women with prediabetes.[15]
  • NR supplementation of 1000mg/day for 6 weeks increased skeletal muscle NAD+ leading to improved muscle metabolism and minor improvement in body composition and sleeping metabolic rate.[16]
  • A 21-day randomized, double-blind, crossover trial with 1g of NR per day in 70-80yr old men elevated muscle NAD+ levels leading to reduced inflammation.[17] 

One extremely interesting and important note concerning the above studies: these were all short-term studies. 

If these are the results that can be accomplished, what are the possibilities if NAD levels are boosted consistently for months or years at a time? 

If we raised the NAD levels in our cells for many years, how different would we look and feel 10-20-30 years down the road? Would it be possible to feel as good at 60 as we did at 30 or 35? Could we feel as good at 90 as we did at 60? No one knows, but it may be possible when done in combination with a healthy lifesytle. 

Get excited- the research looks incredibly promising on the benefits of boosting our NAD levels and we now have identified easy ways to do it!

This research is so promising, even the US military is researching the benefits of supplements used to boost NAD levels

How Can I Increase My NAD Levels?

Step 1: Understanding what NAD+ is, why it’s important, and that you cannot simply take NAD to boost NAD levels in our cells. 

Step 2: Understanding what methods or supplements are available to increase NAD levels in our cells.

Step 3: Implement a healthy lifestyle and multi-faceted approach to boosting NAD levels. We cannot out-supplement a poor lifestyle, so to see true longevity benefits to taking NAD supplements, they need to be done by consuming whole foods and using other longevity-boosting hacks, as noted below.  

How can I increase my NAD levels? The man in this picture is performing HIT training to naturally boost NAD levels.

Non-Supplement Methods to Naturally Boost NAD Levels

There are several ways that are likely to naturally stimulate your NAD+ levels. Thus, we don’t need supplements or to spend money to start to boost our NAD levels.

In fact, one of the best ways to naturally boost your NAD levels will save you money.😳 

We definitely think everyone should consider taking one of the best NAD supplements to achieve optimal health, but if the budget is tight or you would prefer to wait until more substantial research is available, then simply start to implement lifestyle changes from the list below.

Further research is needed, but current studies suggest when considering the question- How can I increase my NAD levels, consider implementing the following [3.4,5]:

Put in the most basic sense, NAD levels increase in response to intermittent stressors, AKA hormesis!

What NAD Boosting ingredient works best?

Putting a group of NAD researchers into a room and asking what supplement increases NAD levels most will likely lead to a lengthy debate.

However, there is somewhat of a consensus that NMN and nicotinamide riboside (NR) are likely the best options for boosting NAD levels within our cells

NADH vs Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) vs NMN

While NADH is NAD with the addition of hydrogen (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide + hydrogen), Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) and Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) are compounds that the body can convert to NAD.

While other compounds have been studied, the two major compounds that have been found thus far in the research to effectively increase NAD+ levels in our cells are NR and NMN. 

Both NR and NMN are considered part of the B3 vitamin family and act as a precursor to NAD, meaning that they can be converted into NAD+.

NADH vs Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)

The primary goal of using a NAD precursor is to increase the NAD+ that is inside our cells

If we don’t get it inside our cells, we won’t be providing the extra fuel and energy our cells need to do their job better for enhanced health and slower aging.

So when comparing NADH vs nicotinamide riboside, think of NAD+ and NADH as the end goal of what we want in our cells, and think of NR as having the secret password to get into the cell and then be converted into NADH and NAD+ once inside.  

Remember, when considering NADH vs Nicotinamide Riboside, that NADH is just NAD with a hydrogen molecule attached which is important for cell processes and signaling to be performed property. But, if we take NAD+ or NADH in supplement or IV form, our body keeps them outside the cells and doesn’t transport it into the cells where we want it most. 

So for NADH vs Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), we really don’t want to compare them but think of NR or NMN (depending on who you talk to and what research you examine) as things we’re taking to boost our NAD/NADH.   


Let the heated debates begin. 

Which compound boosts NAD+ in our cells better? 

As stated, your opinion on this may change depending on which research, researcher, or alternative health expert you listen to.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • World-renowned anti-aging expert David Sinclair takes NMN
    • Sinclair first proved in his lab that resveratrol increases sirtuin activity and slows aging in mice. He personally takes NMN. In his research, NMN may be more “stable” than NR but he acknowledges that a lot of research needs to be done and that the NR research on humans is ahead of the NMN research.[10]  
  • Chirs Masterjohn Ph.D., an independent researcher who has been featured on the top health experts podcasts such as Peter Attia and Ben Greenfield, states the NR is likely more effective. 
    • Masterjohns analysis of the current research is that NMN is effectively converted into NR in the body and then into NAD+, so you will see better results by simply taking NR unless you have intestinal issues. In this case, impaired digestion would limit the conversion of NR to NAD+, and taking NMN may be best.[2] 
  • Health expert, Peta Attia’s opinion is that the only way to get NR past the liver and into the cells is to take it in IV form instead of orally (he’s changed his opinion on this a few times over the years based on the research, as anyone should so be aware his opinion may have changed again by the time you’ve read this.)
  • A quick scan in Pubmed shows that, at the time of this writing, in the past 5 years there are:
    • 1,960 studies published on NR with 625 supported by NIH grants
    • 3,308 studies published on NMN with 948 supported by NIH grants 

What the Heck are Sirtuins and Why are They Important?

Sirtuins are a form of protein that is essential in cell signaling and repair from stress. They’ve been shown in research to be one of the most important components of slowing the aging process down.[9] 

It is suggested that there are ways to activate sirtuins within our body such as through various compounds.[9]

What are the most common Sirtuin Activating Compounds?

Several compounds are currently being studied with the promise of activating or increasing sirtuin activity in humans. The compounds currently showing the most promise are:

  • Curcumin
  • Resveratrol
  • Pterostilbene 
  • Piceatannol

Without out a doubt, the two compounds with the most research behind them are curcumin and Resveratrol.

Curcumin, the primary anti-inflammatory ingredient in turmeric and one the most powerful supplements to fight inflammation has been shown to help just about every facet of health. However, resveratrol has been been the star when it comes to boating Sirtuin activity thanks to the research of Dr. David Sinclair.
If you’re looking for the most powerful curcumin supplement, we recommend and use Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin 💪 which uses the NovaSol delivery of the curcumin, the most powerful absorption system on the market, as validated in research. 

The sirtuin likely with the most promise as being the most powerful is Pterostilbene. However, there is limited research currently, and much of this is based on theory and early studies. 

As it is showing incredible potential as an excellent sirtuin activator, some supplement companies have already started to add it to their NAD-boosting products. See the list below to learn who!👇

Sirtuins and NAD Supplements – A Match Made in Heaven

Chronic stress, DNA damage, and aging lead to a decrease in NAD levels and sirtuin function.[8,9] 

However, Sirtuins help repair DNA damage and NAD stimulates Sirtuin function. So, matching sirtuins and NAD-boosting supplements together either in separate capsules or in one single supplement is an anti-aging, help-optimizing match made in heaven.[9] 

The Best NAD Supplement

Let us first say that choosing the best NAD supplement comes with controversy.  The research is still early and unclear with many health experts having vastly different opinions.  

In the end, based on the current research and theoretical framework provided by many of the experts we most trust we believe this list is the best of the best. Enjoy!

Infographic list of the best NAD supplement choices for various categories of health needs.

1. ResveraCel by Thorne

Bottle of Thorne Resveracel, the best NAD supplement on the market
  • Top choice due to price and combination of ingredients to boost effectiveness
  • The only supplement that combines NR with Resveratrol, Quercetin, and Betain for optimal cellular health & aging
  • Arguably the most reputable company on the list 
  • 3rd-party NSF Certified for Sport, the highest standard in the supplement industry

We consider Thorne one of the 13 most reputable supplement companies on the market, and they’re a leader in providing cutting-edge Nicotinamide Riboside supplements.

ResveraCel by Thorne wins the 👑 for providing the top NR supplement due to the potent combo of ingredients.  

By combining quercetin and betaine in addition to resveratrol, this supplement has a lot more potential to improve our health than supplementing with NR alone. Quercetin is a powerful compound found in colorful plants and has been shown. to help fight cancer and viruses, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and support vascular function.[18] 

When combined with resveratrol, it slows the breakdown of Resveratrol in our body, enhancing its effectiveness. Additionally, quercetin can help reduce cellular senescence and up-regulate sirtuins, which both help with cellular aging.[19] 

Betaine on the other hand, is another powerful compound that has been shown to help improve health in a variety of ways, most notably by enhancing methylation and many of the chemical processes that occur in our body for detoxification, reproduction, cardiovascular, and neurological health.[20]

The research on betaine is interesting, and supplementing with it has been shown to help athletes, which include studies that show it can improve body composition by reducing body fat while still maintaining muscle mass in both males and females.[20,21]

With 415 mg per two-capsule dose, the NR in ResveraCel by Thorne is on par with the dosages offered by many competitors as the Hydrogen Malate version of Nicotinamide RIboside that Thorne uses is roughly about 67.5% NR vs the 87.5% Nicotinamide Riboside chloride form found in Tru Niagen. So a 300 x 87.5= 262.5 while 415 x 67.5= 280.125

Resveracel by Thorne is available on Amazon, but, a better option is to 👉purchase on Fullscript👈, where it is $17 cheaper 🤯 when you use our affiliate link to create your Fullscript account, (there is zero cost to you, but we may earn a commission which helps support our website). You will also receive 20% off all Fullscript orders for life when you create an account with our link.  

Additionally, all supplements shipped from Fullscript come direct from temperature-controlled warehouses and are shipped in temperature-controlled packaging.  IT IS CRUCIAL TO PREVENT NICOTINAMIDE RIBOSIDE FROM EXCESSIVE HEAT EXPOSURE. For this reason, we buy all our supplements, especially nicotinamide riboside, directly from Fullscript. 

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2. Youngr by Wonderfeel

  • Only NMN supplement on the list
  • Unique formulation which includes the potent polyphenol antioxidant hydroxytyrosol and the cutting-edge, long-lasting anti-aging antioxidant ergothioneine
  • Also Includes resveratrol and D3
  • Non-GMO, vegan friendly, does not contain preservatives
Bottle of Youngr NMN by Wonderfeel, arguably the best NAD supplement on the market

Youngr NMN by Wonderfeel is a new patented approach to formulating NAD-boosting supplements. In addition to having 900 mg of NMN per serving (450mg per capsule), Engineered by Andrew Salzman, a prominent Harvard MD, professor, and scientist with over 50 patents and nearly 30 years of expertise in NAD and cellular health, the patented Wonderfeel formula features 4 unique magical ingredients to make it arguably the best NAD supplement on the list.

The first magical ingredient is ergothioneine, also referred to as ERGO, which is a potent antioxidant and the most powerful and therapeutic compound in edible mushrooms such as lion’s mane and porcini.

Often referred to as the “longevity vitamin”, ERGO has been shown to slow aging in the brain and be protective of the cardiovascular system.

Not familiar with ERGO?

It is a rising star in longevity research, with a 7x increase in studies being done on it over the past decade. Research thus far shows it has the potential to help a wide range of issues, from reproductive health, inflammation, fibrosis, pre-eclampsia, neuropathy, and more.[29]

Note the dramatic increase in the number of published ergothioneine studies over the last 20+ years. (2023 data not yet available)

Fun fact: a 2023 review suggested that one of the many powerful benefits of ERGO is that once consumed, it can be retained in the body for “weeks to months”, thus providing long-lasting benefits.

Now, what about this hydroxytyrosol that’s also on the ingredient list? What’s so special about that?

Hydroxytyrosol is a polyphenol, AKA a micronutrient that naturally occurs in plants, that provides a wide range of benefits, most notably anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.[30]

Hydroxytyrosol is most popular for being found in extra-virgin olive oil (higher amounts are found in high-quality oils) and has been gaining attention lately due to its many health benefits. It is also suggested to be a primary contributing factor to the health benefits of following the Mediterranean diet.

We’ve tried every supplement on this list and took this one specifically for 2 months during our trials. We can attest that this supplement delivers on its promise to increase energy levels, improve skin elasticity, and support cognition.

All together, the powerful antioxidant and anti-aging combination of ergothioneine, hydroxytyrosol, resveratrol, and D3, make this arguably the best NAD supplement money can buy!

If you’re interested in slowing down biological aging at the cellular level, Youngr NMN by Wonderfeel should definitely be one of the first supplements you consider!

3. CellGuard-NR by Designs for Health

  • Top choice if optimal sirtuin activation is your priority
  • Only NR supplement to contain BOTH Resveratrol AND Pterostilbene for maximum sirtuin activation
  • Highly reputable company with 3rd party testing and GMP-audited manufacturing facilities
  • Uses, Niagen-brand NR, one of the most researched forms of nicotinamide riboside

One could easily argue over which pick should be our top pick on our list. Without a doubt, our top 3 are on this list are the best options, and if your budget allows, pending your needs, we would highly encourage you to rotate between these 3.

There is a lot of debate on which may be a better sirtuin activator- resveratrol which has substantial research behind it, or pterostilbene, which has limited research but thus far shows the potential to be much more effective. Well, why not just put them both into one supplement to make something amazing? Enter the CellGaurd-NR by Designs for Health.

When it comes to aging, much of the discussion suggests that removing dead/dying cells and boosting energy within our cells is one of the best paths. By combining one of the most-researched forms of NR with the two best-known sirtuin activators, this supplement is undoubtedly one of the top, if not the best NAD supplement you will find.

You may purchase CellGaurd-NR by Designs for Health Amazon. But, why not save some HUGE 💰💰💰? You can save over $37 if you 👉create an account and buy it through our affiliate, Fullscript👈, We highly recommend doing so as you’ll receive temperature-controlled packaging (when needed) on this delicate supplement and amazing customer service if there are ever issues.

4. Mito-NR by Designs for Health

  • Top choice is optimal if you need an additional boost to cellular energy in addition to NR
  • Only NR supplement to contain coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and geranylgeraniol
  • Highly reputable company with 3rd party testing and GMP-audited manufacturing facilities
  • Uses, Niagen-brand NR, one of the most researched forms of nicotinamide riboside

There are some in the alternative health space such as Dr. John Lieurance of Mitozen Scientific who believe all of our bodies have the ability to heal themselves if it simply has the energy to do so. The problem is that our chaotic lives combined with us living in an environment full of toxins make this extremely difficult.[24] Enter the innovative Mito-NR Mitochondrial Cell Health nicotinamide riboside supplement by Designs for Health.

Whether it is due to a stressful life leading to adrenal fatigue, toxin exposure or mold toxicity, illness from parasites, processed foods, and so on, there can be a variety of reasons why we feel like our body is simply starved of energy.

If low energy is a problem, the top NR supplement for you is likely the Mito-NR by Designs for Health as it will not only help boost intracellular NAD levels via the Niagen nicotinamide riboside but also has an added boost with CoQ10 and geranylgeraniol.

Why do CoQ10 and geranylgeraniol help boost energy along with NR?

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps prevent free radicals, and the destruction of DNA and boosts energy by increasing ATP that the mitochondria in our cells use to function. It has often been found that various diseases lead to a decrease in CoQ10 levels and thus it is no surprise that our bodies struggle to overcome various diseases the longer we have them. [25]

Geranylgeraniol (GGOH) on. the other hand, which is often found in oils such as olive or sunflower oils helps with energy levels by balancing our blood sugar, reducing damage to the powerhouse of our cells- the mitochondria, reducing inflammation and supporting a healthy gut microbiome. [26,27]

So, are you ready to give your cells an added energy boost? You may purchase Mito-NR by Designs for Health on Amazon or save over $37 if you simply 👉 create an account and buy it through our favorite affiliate, Fullscript👈.

FYI once you create your account with our link, you can buy any supplement you want off Fullscript and save huge 💲💲💲 on supplements for life.

5. Basis by Elysium

  • Combines Pterostilbene, arguably a more-potent sirtuin activator than Resveratrol 
  • 3rd-party NSF Certified for Sport, the highest standard in the supplement industry

With an advisory board full of Nobel Prize winners and acclaimed researchers, as well as randomized, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed studies proving the effectiveness of their supplement, Basis by Elysium is definitely one of the best NAD supplements currently on the market.

Basis by Elysium was one of the first-to-market NR-boosting supplements with research behind it and set itself apart from the crowd by adding Pterostilbene which, as previously mentioned, some research suggests it may be more powerful and effective in boosting sirtuins than resveratrol.

With 10+ studies at the time of this writing exploring their NAD-boosting supplement in a variety of ways, including its safety, effectiveness, and ability to help conditions from kidney and liver dysfunction to menopause and ALS, this is a supplement that has science to support it. Future studies are needed to determine exactly what this supplement can help with, but the current research is extremely positive.

6. Tru Niagen 300 by ChromaDex

  • Most used NR supplement for research 
  • Only brand using an FDA-approved NR ingredient
  • Globally recognized as a safe supplement

Tru Niagin by ChromaDex is not only the most-used supplement in NR research, but it is also the only one that uses a form of NR that is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Tru Niagen has gained recognition for its quality in other countries as well as noted by its approval for sale by Health Canada, the European Commission, and the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.  

As mentioned above, the NR used in True Niagen is the most common ingredient in research. At the time of this writing, it has been shown to effectively increase human NAD+ levels in over 15 studies.[22] 

Similar to Basis, Tru Niagen by ChromaDex is supported by several Nobel Price and award-winning scientists. Though it has substantial research behind it, it’s not the 👑 of our list as it is a supplement with only one ingredient and thus may be slightly less effective compared to the others at the top of our list if taken alone. If however, you’re someone who is already in a routine of taking multiple supplements and takes a sirtuin activator such as pterostilbene or resveratrol, this may be a great pick!

7. SynaQuell / SynaQuell+by Thorne

Bottle of Thorne Synaquell powder, the best NAD supplement for supporting brain health
  • Formulated by a sports Neurologist, this is the best NAD supplement for brain health
  • Top choice for those involved in contact sports or who may be recovering from a head injury

SynaQuell by Thorne is the ultimate option if brain health is a top priority. Are you involved in football, rugby, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, or any other sport where frequent head contact is involved? This is your best NAD supplement then.

Loaded with some of the most-researched nutrients for brain health, this NR formula includes ketones which the brain can efficiently burn for energy, BCAAs to help neurotransmitters, CoQ10 to support brain function and reduce oxidative stress, and the fatty acid DHA which is crucial for brain cells.[28]

What is the difference between SynaQuell and SynaQuell+ by Thorne? The “+” is the same formula simply in higher doses and is likely a better choice for those “for shorter-term, post-impact support.”[28]

Both variations of this product are on Amazon but you can save between $21 and $40 🤯 if you create an account and purchase off Fullscript, where we buy all of our own supplements.

8. Collagen Plus by Thorne

  • Only supplement on the market that combines collage with nicotinamide riboside
  • Arguably the best college product on the market & only one that includes anti-oxidant and skin hydration-enriching ingredients

Ready to take your collagen supplement up about 10 levels?

Collagen Plus by Thorne not only has 13g of collagen peptides per serving but also is loaded with 125mg of nicotinamide riboside, their patented MitoHeal polyphenol complex, and HydroPeach which helps improve skin hydration.

the MitoHeal polyphenol blend by Thorne is a unique blend of red and black currents that have been shown in research to reduce visible signs of skin aging. Additionally, the MitoHeal blend can be traced from farm to bottle as their extraction process avoids the use of harsh chemicals in processing and effectively transfers the powerful polyphenols right into the powder.[23]

Now, if your primary focus is boosting NAD, the dosage of this product is a bit on the low side. So, think of this product as a way to easily increase your NR supplementation and boost your NAD whenever you look to make your collagen.

Another amazing option if you are unable to find Collagen Plus by Thorne is Whole Body Collagen, made by Designs for Health.

You may purchase Collagen Plus by Thorne on Amazon.  A better option, however, is to 👉buy it through Fullscript👈, which is nearly $21 cheaper 🤯 when you use our affiliate link to create your Fullscript account.

9. Daily Greens Plus by Thorne

  • The best NAD-boosting option in a greens supplement
  • Competes for the spot as the TOP greens powder on the market by including adaptogens, NR, and a spinach blend with 2.5x the antioxidants vs normal spinach

Likely collagen, many of us have heard by now that having a solid greens powder in your routine is important to achieving peak health and optimal workout recovery.

We’ve also likely heard about the power of consuming adaptogens, which help improve how our cells signal and bodily functions work.

Also, could it be possible to have something that not only gives you an antioxidant or energy/caffeine boost but also boosts your cellular energy by enhancing NAD levels?

Daily Greens Plus by Thorne is a star on this list because it is not only a great nicotinamide supplement but also one of the top greens supplements you could buy.

By combining adaptogens, and crazy-powerful antioxidant blends such as from their Solarplast spinach, matcha, moringa, NR, and more, the Daily Greens Plus by Thorne packs a lot of health-enhancing power in one bottle.

Daily Greens Plus by Thorne is available on Amazon or 👉 through Fullscript for $24 less👈.

10. Tru NiagenImmune by ChromaDex

  • Best for those looking to boost their immune system as it also includes vitamin D, C, and zinc

Looking to boost your immune system while still also keeping your cellular energy levels at a high level for healthy aging? This is a great pick!

While this formula contains half the amount of NR as Tru Niagen 300, it packs an incredible formula for immune-boosting all in one capsule. 

11. Tru Niagen 100 by ChromaDex

  • Best for those who prefer to swallow smaller pills

This includes all the benefits of Tru Niagen 300, except it’s in smaller, more easy-to-swallow capsules. This is also a great choice if you would prefer to space out or take your NR in smaller doses! 

12. Advanced Nutrients by Thorne

Bottle of Advanced Nutrients by Thorne - one of the BEST NR supplements
  • The best multi-vitamin for hosting NAD levels
  • Top choice if you want a POWERFUL multi-vitamin with NR in it

Sick of taking vitamins from multiple bottles and want to keep things simple? Ready to have everything you need in just one supplement? Advanced Nutrients by Thorne is a powerful multivitamin that can be everything you need, all in one bottle!

How is it possible to get everything you need all in one bottle? Well, there is one important thing not to keep in mind with this supplement, the service size is 8 capsules.

If you’re someone like us, though, 8 is not crazy. By the time you take your fish oils, magnesium, probiotics, etc, it’s easy for your supplement regimen to be at or over 8 different capsules.

If you choose this supplement, you can likely skip taking your favorite turmeric, magnesium, vitamin C, or many of the other supplements you’re taking, as they’re all in this supercharged multivitamin with NR.

Now, we put this one at the bottom of the list because if you’re mostly in the market for an NR supplement, this will not be your top pick as it has the lowest dose per serving on the list at 25 mg.

If you’re interested in this powerful multivitamin, it is available on Fullscript for over $21 less 🔥 than on Amazon. And, remember, you can buy any supplement you want for huge savings once you create an account with our affiliate link.

Should I Take Nicotinamide Riboside With Food?

Currently, there is not any clear evidence that there is an advantage or disadvantage to taking nicotinamide riboside with or without food. Thus, you may take it, however, you would prefer.

In reaching out to the manufacturers, they reinforced this concept stating that if there was a clear advantage to take it one way or another, they would recommend it on the bottle.

When is the Best Time to Take Nicotinamide Riboside?

You may take nicotinamide riboside at any time. However, most health experts who discuss the supplementation of NAD-boosting supplements agree that the most effective dosage is likely achieved via divided doses taken twice daily.

While it is still beneficial to simply dose once daily, divided doses may provide a more consistent benefit. If taking one dose, however, it is recommended to take the dosage in the morning as some people report increased energy and difficulty sleeping when taken before bed.

The Future of Anti-Aging

Thus far, other interventions with strong research to support their ability to slow or reverse aging in addition to supplementing with the best NAD supplement are [13]: 

  • Caloric restriction (best performed by intermittent fasting)
  • Eating a diet high in plants
  • Intermittent high-intensity exercise (HIIT) 
  • D3 supplementation
  • Pharmaceutical drugs metformin and rapamycin
  • Limiting stress
  • Quality sleep
  • Regular social interaction or strong social circles (read up on the Blue Zones)

Its important to avoid looking at supplementing with the best NAD supplement as a miracle supplement. 

Always remember, we cannot out-supplement a bad lifestyle or poor diet!

The key to living a long life is to make sure you’re not only around for many years, but, that your years are healthy and vibrant years right up until the end!  To do this, we need to combine as many healthy-optimizing interventions as possible. 

To keep things simple, intermittently do things that are challenging for your body – fasting, cold exposure, challenging exercise… take the best NAD supplement you can find… manage your stress levels… eat a diet that is 60-75% plants…eat a colorful array of plants to boost antioxidant… and stay on the lookout for new supplements and biohacks coming out soon that will dramatically slow or even reverse our aging!

If you would like more information on boosting your energy, check out this list of the 9 best natural energizers without caffeine, learn more about the best electrolyte water brands, throw in an anti-inflammatory ginger shot once in a while, and add some maca root to your smoothies!


  10. Sinclair, D, LaPlante, M. Lifespan. Simon & Schuster Audio. 2019.