It’s 3 pm on a humpday Wednesday, and you’re flirting with the idea of pouring that third cup of coffee for the day because, let’s be real, the sheer thought of keeping your eyes open for another 3 hours of your work day exhausts you. But what if you had options for natural energizers without caffeine or energy supplements without caffeine?

We know you’ve been there before or have found yourself in this situation far more often than you’d like to admit. If this is you, you’re not alone… Many of our clients tell us they’re tired beyond belief and cope by slamming energy drinks filled with junk and loads of sugar, or they just get by drinking an entire pot of coffee each day.😯 

Right now, you may be thinking, “well, yeah, isn’t coffee good for us?” No harm, no foul! While caffeine is helpful for performance and provides a healthy dose of energy when consumed in moderation, most individuals are entirely overdoing caffeine and ironically putting more stress on the body. 

Maybe you’re the opposite. Perhaps you’re one of the unlucky individuals who genetically metabolizes caffeine like a slug, causing your heart to beat out of your chest or get insomnia with just a few sips of coffee. No fun…

In both of these situations, alternative options are crucial!  

This brings us to today’s topic! Today we will talk about natural energizers without caffeine to help you naturally boost energy levels without continuing the cycle of caffeine dependence and ongoing fatigue!  

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  • Caffeine-Free Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels with Food (4 Top Picks)
  • Top 5 Energy Supplements Without Caffeine

4 Top Foods for Natural Energy Without Caffeine

Many people think that to increase energy, you must use caffeine, but the reality is that the body can do this on its own when it has all the raw materials it needs! Right?! Focusing on quality food with vitamins and minerals that support energy metabolism is one of the best caffeine-free ways to boost your energy levels.

Vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, and zinc are highly involved in energy production. Unfortunately, they easily become deficient with high stress.[1] 

Not only can we boost the availability of minerals through proper supplementation, but we also provide the majority of micronutrients to our body through what we eat and drink daily! 

  1. Bone Broth

Bone broth is a hidden gem if you’re looking for natural energy drinks without caffeine. Good quality, grass-fed bone broth is packed with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, in particular, a nutrient called glycine. Glycine is shown to naturally increase your body’s serotonin which is a mood-stabilizing, “feel good” hormone that makes you feel alive and happy![2] 

Sipping on bone broth morning, afternoon, or evening can give you a similar experience to drinking a warm cup of coffee and serve as a natural energizer without caffeine. This gives your brain and body the raw materials needed to give you a little extra pep in your step. 

  1. Fruit

Some of our best natural energizers without caffeine come straight from the earth, like fruit! Next time you go to pour that third or fourth cup of coffee, replace it with a big juicy orange or slice of watermelon plus a handful of mixed nuts and see your energy levels noticeably improve.

You would be shocked to realize you didn’t need that synthetic caffeine drip the way you thought when you feed your body nutrient-rich carbohydrates alongside a healthy fat or protein that are all packed with additional nutrients. 

Choose from your favorite mineral-rich fruits below and aim for 2-3 servings per day!

Most energizing fruits include:

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Avocado
  • Goji berries
  • Berries
  • Oranges 
  • Watermelon 

***PRO-TIP – Always pair your fruit with a healthy fat or protein source such as nut butter, nuts, protein powder, or grass-fed turkey jerky. This ensures blood sugar doesn’t shoot through the roof, causing your energy to crash soon after. 

  1. Dark Leafy Greens and Vegetables

Don’t skip your greens! Greens are powerhouse natural energizers without caffeine. Fruit is fantastic, but it doesn’t replace the need for a generous amount of dark leafy greens and root veggies in our diet. 

These foods are some of the best sources of folate, a type of b vitamin that turns glucose or sugar from carbohydrates into energy. 

Not to mention dark leafy greens, including: 

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Arugula
  • Collard greens
  • Bok choy

are packed with minerals like magnesium and calcium (often even more than dairy sources!) that support daily energy metabolism and stability. 

  1. Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of the few energy drinks without caffeine that provides minerals like potassium and sodium, as well as carbohydrates, which are the primary nutrient used to generate energy in the body. 

Of course, we aren’t going to leave you hanging there without shouting out to our FAVORITE sports drink on the market that uses quality coconut water in their products. 

We love the company NOOMA for its delicious, organic, & researched-backed performance drinks, particularly the Nooma Sports Drink

In one carton, you get 7 grams of naturally occurring carbohydrates coming from coconut (as opposed to added sugars that most other sports drinks use). Along with that, you get 35 mg of calcium, 120 mg of sodium, 340 mg of potassium, and 20 mg of magnesium to support electrolyte and mineral balance. AKA, a recipe for energy! 

If you feel inspired to give NOOMA a shot, we want to hook you up with 30% off your next order. You can use code FWDFUEL at checkout to get this deal!

Top 9 Energy Supplements Without Caffeine – Ultimate Guide to Natural Energizers Without Caffeine

While we always recommend food to be first to support energy, sometimes supplements can help when the need is higher than what food can fulfill, your unique genetics require you to supplement, or you simply don’t have time to think about planning the perfect menu. 

Our energy supplements without caffeine list is based on research on on adaptogens, hormones, and more. We’ve personally tested and validated that the chosen ingredients below are science-backed caffeine-free ways to boost your energy levels.

1. Energy Xtra by Pure Encapsulation

  • Top pick if your looking for natural ways to boost energy without B vitamins

Energy Xtra by Pure Encapsulations tops our energy supplements without caffeine list because it combines an array of adaptogens (compounds that improve how your body functions) that have been shown to combat stress and boost energy, making for some of the best natural energizers without caffeine. 

Pure Encapsulations Energy Xtra - energy supplements without caffeine

With adaptogens like ginseng, rhodiola, and ashwagandha, the body is naturally energized by balancing cortisol levels, but without the uncomfortable jitters and stomach butterflies that high levels of caffeine generate. 

We have found phenomenal results in our clients using this product in the morning or mid-afternoon when energy levels tend to be the lowest. 

Nothing says get up and go like ginseng! Ginseng has been used traditionally in Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide healthy energy stimulation in stressful environments, and it may even have an impact on improved performance in active individuals.[3] 

It’s hard to find natural anti-inflammatory supplements like Energy Xtra, but thankfully we utilize a one-stop shop called Wellevate, where you can find the highest quality, most effective supplements on the market for the lowest price anywhere. 

If you register using our affiliate link for Wellevate you’ll receive 30% off all orders for life in addition to $10 or more on Pure Encapsulations Xtra Energy versus if you bought it elsewhere.

2. Stress B Complex by Thorne

  • Top energy supplement without caffeine if your B vitamins are low, you poorly absorb them, or you you struggle to get enough in your diet

As mentioned, B vitamins such as those found in dark leafy greens are involved in energy metabolism. The Stress B Complex by Thorne is an amazing choice for individuals seeking natural energizers without caffeine because its packed with nutrients to support stress reduction and energy! 

Bottle of Thorne Stress B Complex one of our top energy supplements without caffeine

While they do not actually provide energy themselves, they convert your food into energy. 

Not sure B-vitamins help with energy? Well, next time you’re at the store, pick up a can of one of the preservative and junk-filed energy drinks like Monster, and take a look at all the B Vitamins! Depending on which one you pick up, most of them have 500% of your daily value of B12, 286% of B6, and 266% of B3. 

B Vitamins are hands down one of the best natural energizers without caffeine and should be at the top of your list when looking for energy supplements without caffeine. 

Some of the best energy supplements without caffeine are the ones that help your body’s natural energy metabolism, a process that shouldn’t depend on external caffeine sources! The Thorne Stress B Complex provides that!

Imagine trying to start your car without a key. That fuel in your tank does no good without something to start the engine (aka your B vitamins) and turn that gas into energy.

Looking to save some $6 💰 or more? Search for the “Thorne Stress B Complex” on Wellevate and select the first option.  We promise their prices cannot be beaten!

B vitamins can also be found abundantly in foods such as:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Dark leafy green vegetables
  • Dairy 
  • Liver

Something to consider if you’re experiencing all-day fatigue that won’t improve with any supplement is working one-on-one with a dietitian to test your micronutrients and identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies. There are a variety of deficiencies that could be driving your low energy levels, and by testing, we can know exactly how to reduce fatigue!

Testing helps identify whether vitamin B12 is the issue or maybe it’s an iron deficiency, in which your dietitian can find a personalized supplement protocol to address the imbalances. 

3. Energy Mushroom Complex by Nordic Naturals 

  • Top pick for caffeine-free ways to boost your energy levels using mushrooms

Mushrooms have been getting a lot of attention lately because they have been found to help so many things from gut health, cholesterol levels, assisting in fighting cancer, and much more.[9]

Most importantly to our list on energy supplements without caffeine is that mushrooms have more and more research supporting that they assist energy levels. 

One of the ways it is suggested that mushrooms help give us a natural energy boost without caffeine is because mushrooms are packed with B vitamins and antioxidants, which can help boost energy and enhance recovery from #life. 

One of the best energy supplements without caffeine that uses mushrooms is the Energy Mushroom Complex by Nordic Naturals.

While there are a lot of mushroom-based energy supplements without caffeine available, the Energy Mushroom Complex by Nordic Naturals made our list of natural energizers without caffeine because they also include L-carnitine and NADH!   

In addition to organic cordyceps to boost energy with b-vitamins antioxidants, the  L-carnitine helps the body use stored fat for energy, and NADH stimulates NAD+. NAD+ helps our body in numerous ways, including improving cell signaling, enhancing how our body produces energy, and extending our lifespan.[10,11]

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4. Tru Niagen 300mg Cellular Energy 

  • Supports increasing energy at the cellular level and has the potential to slow the aging process
  • NSF Certified for Sport, making it one of the best options for athletes with drug testing
Bottle of Tru Niagen - one of the top energy supplements without caffeine

This arguably should be the top option on our list.  The only reason its not is because this supplement will take a few weeks of consistent use until you notice an increase in your energy levels, and many people are seeking supplements that will help TODAY.  

If you’re looking for the most immediate increase in your energy first consider the Stress B Complex by Thorne . Though not as immediate, the Energy Xtra by Pure Encapsulations can also provide a pretty quick energy boost.

The way Tru Niagen works is that it uses nicotinamide riboside, a heavily researched compound that is part of the B3 family. Over 20 human studies have been performed on nicotinamide riboside showing its ability to boost NAD+ levels.  In the research, it has been validated that nicotinamide riboside is the MOST effective compound for raising NAD+ levels. 

Why is NAD+ so important? Well, to put it very simply and as already mentioned previously, NAD+ helps give every one of the cells in our body energy. It allows them to signal and work with other cells and helps them perform their jobs better. 

Basically, our cells won’t have the energy they need to function properly without having optimal NAD+ levels. NAD+ levels decline naturally with age and can also be low due to various stressors such as exposure to toxins in our environment or from life stressors like working 2 jobs and raising kids.  

So, if you’re looking for arguably the very most important natural energizers without caffeine, Tru Niagen with nicotinamide riboside is your top pick. 

While it is not likely to give you a big boost in energy overnight, it may be the most important supplement you take for having energy in the future.  It is suggested that it will take 2-4 weeks of using this supplement to enhance how your cells function before you start to notice your overall energy levels and well-being are improved.[11]

5. ReserveraCel by Thorne

While there are a couple of other companies that offer supplements with nicotinamide riboside, Tru Niagen is considered one of the best because it has been used by most of the researchers who have studied nicotinamide riboside. Howevr, ResveraCel by Thorne may actually be a better nicotinamide riboside supplement due to the combination of ingredients it adds in addition to nicotinamide riboside.

Bottle of Thorne Reservacel - a natural energizer without caffeine

However, Tru Niagen can be expensive, and there are other very reputable and high-quality supplement companies out there.. So, if you’re looking to save a few bucks, consider purchasing a supplement with nicotinamide riboside from one of our favorite brands and one of the most respected on the planet, Thorne. 

ReserveraCel by Thorne is an unbelievable supplement because it combines nicotinamide riboside WITH resveratrol and quercetin, two of the top compounds for activating sirtuins. 

Sirtuins help our body work better on a cellular level AND enhance the effectiveness of nicotinamide riboside. 

One of the things we love most about ReserveraCel by Thorne is that when you search for and buy it now off Wellevate👈 it’s about $10-15 cheaper than buying Tru Niagn, depending on where you buy, and it includes a slightly higher dosage of nicotinamide riboside. So together, your getting a lot more bang for your buck buy buying ReserveraCel by Thorne on Wellevate!

Read more about best NAD supplement choices now to find how you can be improved your energy levels at a cellular level for steady, caffeine-free energy day in and day out!

6. SFH Plant Protein + Extra Energy

  • Top protein powder for boosting your energy

How about a protein powder that not only helps your muscle recovery but also serves as an energy supplement without caffeine! 

Bag of SFH Plant Protein Powder- a great natural energizers without caffeine

SFH has made our list of the top grass-fed protein powders and best plant-based protein powders because they have truly created some unique and high-quality products that taste AMAZING.

The Plant Protein + Natural Energy by SFH is one of our top natural energizers without caffeine because they add an organic mushroom blend that includes a blend of 8 different mushrooms AND C8 MCT oil which is an outstanding brain full and good for our blood sugar because out body can burn it slowly and easily. 

We’re also a fan of always keeping the gut health because if our gut is a mess, we’ll definitely have low energy levels. SFH helps support our gut by including organic inulin powder, which is one of the best prebiotics to feed the good-gut bugs and keep our gut healthy. If you’re looking for more info on prebiotics, be sure to check out our best prebiotics post, which also includes a free PDF on the best prebiotic foods.

Bottle of Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha, one of the best natural energizers without caffeine

7. Ashwagandha

This powerful adaptogen energy supplement without caffeine has been used medicinally in many cultures worldwide for centuries, and it has recently become one of the most popular caffeine-free ways to boost your energy levels. 

High-stress levels for days, weeks, and months on end make for chronically elevated cortisol levels in the body, driving adrenal dysregulation

Ashwagandha is one of our top natural energizers without caffeine because it provides an energy boost in a way that’s calming. 

Don’t ask us how that’s possible… just try it out and see for yourself how you feel! In fact, a recent double-blind study reported decreased symptoms of anxiety and blunting of cortisol with 240 mg/day of ashwagandha extract.[4]

Want to save some $$$ on Ashwagandha? Search for the “Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha” on Wellevate.

8. Maca Root 

Do not forget maca for a delicious and effective natural energizer without caffeine! Maca is a Peruvian native herb that has been used in various populations to show unbelievable health benefits

While the exact mechanism of why maca improves energy is still being studied, some research and many of our clients report that it does the job!

One small study with maca root supplementation concluded that consumption of red and black maca extracts improved mood, energy, and health status in study participants.[5] 

Maca has also been utilized for its potential role in supporting adrenal and thyroid function. When adrenals and thyroid function work effectively, energy is at its best![6] When the thyroid and adrenal signaling is disrupted, hormonal imbalance symptoms can occur, resulting in low energy levels.

Also, get this… An animal study even showed maca’s protective effect on exercise-related fatigue in individuals.[7] So, for our athletes out there, try swapping your next pre-workout energy drink with an anti-inflammatory maca smoothie and see how it goes! 

Maca root is available in an organic powder that you can add to smoothies as well as in capsule form. If choosing a capsule, we recommend Pure Encapsulations Maca-3 which combines 3 different forms of maca and is only available on Wellevate.

9. Nicotine Gum

Although controversial, one of the top energy supplements without caffeine is nicotine gum. Its even gained the attention of some of the top biohackers in the world, including Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield, who have even promoted the use of nicotine gum as a biohack caffeine-free way to boost your energy levels.

Some research has even shown nicotine can improve cognition and memory![8]  

The brand of gum most often promoted is Lucy and if you plan to try it, simply bite off just half of a piece at first to not overload your system! Just chew for about 20 seconds, then park in in your gum for a few minutes, chew again, and then park, then spit it out. If you keep chewing, you will likely overload your system. Michael uses nicotine gum occasionally and reports noticeable improvements in focus, energy, and productivity!

Keep in mind the information on this website is for information only.

Natural Energizers Without Caffeine for Endurance Athletes

A secret weapon that has helped many of our athletes for years is a rather simple supplement with mind-blowing energy. It was created for diabetics who also need a slow-steady release of energy, and the product has been found to provide unbelievable results for endurance athletes who also need slow-steady, powerful energy. Read more about the mind-blowing power of UCAN superstarch, also known as LIVESTEADY.

Last Word on Natural Energizers Without Caffeine

Hopefully, after today, you will feel inspired to try some of the best and most effective natural energizers without caffeine. If you feel scared, that’s okay. Trying new caffeine-free ways to boost your energy levels can be confusing and discouraging, especially when you’ve tried so many things with no success. 

We completely understand what it feels like to be bogged down by life, work, kids, workouts, you name it, but there are better options available that can support your body, such as the natural energy supplements without caffeine that we’ve mentioned today!

Now, the supplements and foods recommended in this article alone may not work for you, and we get that. Lucky, we have an experienced team of functional dietitians here to help you find the root of your symptoms. If you’re ready to fix your fatigue once and for all, schedule a FREE 15-minute strategy call to get started. 

Not ready to book a call? Try our free 👉3-Day Meal Plan for the Active Female👈, which will show you exactly how to get going in the right direction for boosting your energy levels and balancing your hormones, NOW!