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Welcome to the new world of sports nutrition. Functional Sports Nutrition (FSN) was inspired by Functional Medicine and fine-tuned for athletes, by athletes

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Free 3-day
Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan for Active Females

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Choose where to start

Free Anti-
Meal Plan

Elimination Diet
Video Series

Free 3-day Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan for Active Females

Gain Weight
Like a Boss
Video Series

Discover the Benefits of FWDfuel Nutrition Coaching

Unlock your peak performance, health, and happiness with personalized guidance from our expert nutritionists.

Expert Guidance

Our team of registered performance dietitian-nutritionists holds the knowledge and experience to break through your barriers and achieve lasting results.

Chosen by Champions

Trusted by NBA, NFL, UFC, and Crossfit athletes from over 8 teams.

Proven Track Record

100+ 5-star Google reviews and countless success stories.

Long-Term Success

We’re not just about quick fixes. We equip you with the tools and strategies to build sustainable, healthy habits for life.

Improved Performance

Elevate your energy levels, reduce fatigue and bloating, and optimize your body for peak performance in any activity.

Personal Triumphs

Our team has overcome challenges like Mold illness, Parasite infection, Mast Cell Syndrome, and Hormone imbalance, so they understand your struggles.


Ready to unlock your true potential through personalized nutrition coaching that works for you? At FWDfuel, we believe in a holistic approach, understanding that your path to optimal health and performance is unique. This blog post dives deep into our step-by-step process, designed to be your complete roadmap to success.



Free 15 minute call

Our journey begins with a conversation. During your free 15-minute call, one of our expert nutritionists will chat with you to understand your goals, challenges, and lifestyle. This open dialogue allows us to tailor your coaching plan to fit your specific needs and preferences.



Evaluation & 
Individualized testing

Based on your goals and initial conversation, we offer gut testing, hormone testing, nutrient deficiency testing, and more to craft your personalized path to peak performance. These tests provide valuable insights to develop your personalized roadmap.



Support between visits with the HEALTHIE app

Stay connected and supported between sessions with the HEALTHIE app. We’ll create a customizable plan covering your meals, workouts, supplements, and lifestyle habits.




Your success is our priority. Two follow-up sessions ensure you have the support and adjustments needed to stay on track. We’ll refine your plan as you progress, providing individualized care every step of the way. We are always in touch with you and ready to help.


Sports Nutrition Evolved

Welcome to the new world of sports nutrition. Functional Sports Nutrition (FSN) was inspired by Functional Medicine and fine-tuned for athletes, by athletes. A FSN approach emphasizes getting to the root of how the individual athlete works in order to enhance performance. Our mission is to help you reach new levels of health and energy through whole foods. When your body is fed premium fuel, nutrient deficiencies are corrected and gut health is restored. This leads to better recovery and achieving victories you never thought possible. It’s time to get rid of the over-hyped, processed food that has been robbing your potential.

Are you looking for:

  • Food sensitivity elimination diet
  • Basic elimination diet for athletes
  • A gluten and dairy free meal plan
  • Clean-eating nutrition tips for athletes & active individuals
  • Improved recovery and performance

You’ve come to the right place, you’ll find what you need right here. Functional Sports Nutrition is a game changer. Get ready to learn how a nutrient-dense, whole food approach can help you achieve your dreams- one bite at a time.

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Nutrition guides

The best nutrition guides in the business, each with a deep focus on a critical knowledge area.
Our free guides teach you how to use elimination diets, protein shakes and smoothies, and anti-inflammatory foods to improve gut health, reducing inflammation and maintain optimal long term health.

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Our team of registered performance dietitian-nutritionists

Kylene Bogden
Co-Founder and
Performance Dietitian

Kylene is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) currently working as a performance dietitian nutritionist in the NBA. She was previously a dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine before starting her private practice specializing in combining functional and sports nutrition. 

Michael Bogden
Co-Founder and DPT

Michael is a residency and fellowship trained sports physical therapist with a lifelong interest in sports nutrition. He blends biohacking and nutrition with PT for enhanced client success.

Abby Grimm
Performance Dietitian

Abby is a functionally trained Registered Dietitian, Bachelor of Science from the University of Dayton and completed her Master of Science in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University

Julia Zumpano
Performance Dietitian

Julia Zumpano is a forward thinking registered dietitian with over 18 years experience who has transformed the lives of countless individuals through her unwavering passion for nutrition and her remarkable personal journey.


Pierce Cumpstone

“Easy communication, friendly, enthusiastic help, and a sense of comfort from the get-go – my experience with FWDfuel was all positive. Not all experiences are identical, but I can assure you that you’ll see progess with whatever your goals are…There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. With an aspect as critical as nutrition is to sport and athletic performance, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not pursuing it. While the internet is a great tool, it can quickly lead to information overload, overthinking, and ultimately additional and unnecessary stress (it happened to me). FWDfuel helped cut through all the misinformation I ingested when I was doing my own Google searches.”

Stacy Tidmore

“I’ve been fortunate to work with top-tier individuals in functional medicine, and their confidence in Kylene is immense. Her ability to analyze lab reports, physician’s notes, and our own comments to create recommendations that are actually compassionate and do-able always amazes me. She juggles so much information when she does this, and I realize her deep training and experience allows her to view the role of nutrition in a way I’ve never encountered with others in the field. I also love that she works with athletes and understands how to help us meet our exercise and performance goals.”

Harold C.

“Gaining a knowledge in proper nutrition helped change my life in a positive way. It somewhat changed my life. Before Kylene showed me how to eat properly and nourish my body I felt very sluggish after practice or a workout. I feel I have gained an edge because I have more energy then ever before. I now view my body like a car. Without the proper gas, my car will never last ! If you never fuel your body with the correct nutrients it will never last over the course of the season. Thanks Kylene for helping me maximize my potential as a collegiate football player!”

Sam K.

“Following a structured nutrition program FINALLY gave me that extra edge I was always looking for in my athletic career. It helped me perform at the best of my ability physically and mentally for the entire game, practice, lift, etc.”

Rachel K.

“After seeing numerous GI physicians without any success, I finally decided to take a functional nutrition approach. For the first time in years, I was able to run without GI distress! Thank you Kylene for helping me to compete in college and beyond!!”

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