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Learn How to Make Protein Shakes & Smoothies the Right Way

We’ll teach you how we make balanced, tasty, and nutrient-dense shakes and smoothies for meals, snacks and recovery

 How do we make great protein shakes and smoothies?

What makes a great protein shake or smoothie? What is the difference between a protein shake and a smoothie?

First, it is important to know that while protein shakes and smoothies are almost the same thing, their consistency and goal often differs.  A protein shake will usually have more of a thinner consistency and milky mouth feel with the primary purpose of delivering protein such as after a workout or as a snack. Meanwhile, a smoothie has a much thicker consistency, and often contains more ingredients, thus making it a great intense workout recovery choice or complete meal replacement.

So, it is important to keep your fueling objective in mind when making a protein shake or smoothie i.e. support workout recovery, replace a meal, pre-workout fuel, etc. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about making protein smoothies for athletes.

The next step is to make sure whatever you’re making is balanced and full of vitamins and minerals in order to provide optimal fuel. Take a look at our tutorials below to learn how to make a protein shake or smoothie at home!

To help you achieve your goals, you’ll find the following on this page:


Our essential guide to making shakes and smoothies

Getting started with making protein shakes and well-balanced smoothies doesn’t have to be hard. Our guide will walk you through the process, step by step.

FREE Guide on The Top Mistakes to Avoid

Learn from the top mistakes we see every day working with our clients and professional athletes. 

Fix these mistakes now to help reduce involuntary weight gain or putting on the wrong kind of weight, feeling sluggish after drinking your shake or smoothie, and not achieving your goals by not balancing nutrients properly.  

Top Articles 

These articles will help you learn how to make protein shakes and smoothies like a pro. Whether its gaining muscle, losing weight, improving recovery, or just achieving optimal health, these posts will help you achieve your goals.

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Top Videos

These videos will help you learn how we make our protein shakes and smoothies. Watch and hear our top tricks for making tasty and nutrition-packed protein shakes and smoothies. 

How We Make Our Shakes and Smoothies

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Thrive Market Home Delivery & Our Favorite Smoothie Ingredients

Buying high-quality smoothie ingredients can be expensive. This is why we buy most of our smoothie ingredients from Thrive Market which provides 25-50% off retail prices on thousands of organic, non-GMO, and sustainable products.

Not sure what to buy to put in your protein shakes and smoothies? Download our FREE Best Smoothie Ingredients handout to get started. 

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Learn how we make tasty and nutrient dense shakes and smoothies for meals, snacks and recovery.

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