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Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen Staples

Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen Staples

We hear it over and over and over again…

“Eat an anti-inflammatory diet for optimal health!”

“Choose anti-inflammatory foods to reverse disease.”

“Make sure at least 80% of your diet is whole, anti-inflammatory-based foods!”

OK great, but what exactly does that mean? What are we supposed to keep on hand at home to make the magic happen?

Fear not friends, we have created an Anti-inflammatory Kitchen Staples cheat sheet just for you!

In summary, we are encouraging you to eat foods from the earth. We want to see lots of color and lots of fiber. The reason for a lot of color is that colorful foods are higher in antioxidants such as quercetin and vitamin C.

If you are willing to begin to incorporate at least half of the foods on this list, you will start to see a change in health and energy. Eliminating certain foods from your diet is also an effective methods for reducing or controlling inflammation and other food related issues. Sign up for our FREE elimination diet video series to get started. Back to the foods you want to include in your diet!

We are NOT telling you to purchase this list all at once, but instead, choose 1-2 foods in each category to have on hand each week and then slowly build off of this foundation.

Again, you do not have to eat every single one of these foods, but choose your favorites and stay consistent.

The research has proven time and time again that food can be used to prevent and reverse damage at the cellular level.

So, pick up that fork and let’s get rolling!

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Abby Grimm

Abby is a functionally trained Registered Dietitian. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Dayton and completed her Master of Science in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University, where she is an adjunct instructor. Abby has been an athlete her entire life, but never truly discovered her potential until she dialed in her nutrition from a whole-foods approach. As a high school athlete and into her college career often experienced fatigue, discomfort, and nagging injuries that held her back from excelling despite trying to eat properly. Throughout her functional nutrition education and competitive involvement in the sport of Crossfit, Abby began a more holistic lifestyle, which has significantly improved her performance and overall well-being. Abby enjoys sharing her knowledge of functional sports nutrition to help improve the lives of active individuals.

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