Ready to enhance your body’s natural detoxification process? If so, the Cellcore Biotoxin Binder is one of the best tools on the market.

The body’s inability to effectively filter toxins is often the root of health issues and diseases so having a powerful binder to enhance detoxification can be a game-changer

In this post, we’ll detail what the CellCore Biotoxin Binder is, who should use it, the benefits, and how to use it for peak effectiveness.

Keep reading to learn one of the best-kept secrets to easily and effectively improve current symptoms and fight future diseases.

>>>Learn how to order the Biotoxin Binder here: How to Purchase CellCore BioToxin Binder

What is CellCore BioToxin Binder Used For?

Biotoxin Binder supports the body’s natural ability to detoxify. We refer to it as a triple threat because it improves the balance of the gut microbiome, supports cellular repair, and, of course, binds to toxins.

Cellcore’s BioToxin Binder can bind to toxins that have accumulated over time in different areas of the body. Examples include yeast (candida), mold (mycotoxins), ammonia, sulfur, and microplastics, in addition to viral and bacterial by-products.

One of the major differences between Cellcore Biotoxin Binder and other traditional binders is formulated with a special form of Carbon Technology (a unique blend of fulvic acids and polysaccharides proprietary to CellCore). 

This means the binder was designed with a low pH, thus offering protection from stomach acid, which allows the ingredients to reach their desired destination in the body. 

What Does the CellCore BioToxin Binder Do?

The CellCore biotoxin binder is excellent for removing a variety of toxins including the removal of mold. Biotoxin binder is one of the most potent and effective binders on the market for two reasons:

  1. Bind to and remove a multitude of toxins such as ammonia, candida, sulfur, mold, and mycotoxins.(For those who are unfamiliar to the term, mycotoxins are metabolites formed by mold that can be harmful to human health.) 
  1. Treat toxins throughout the entire body. Biotoxin binder travels systemically. In other words, this particular binder is able to pull toxins from all areas of the body, not just from the gut like most of the older clay or charcoal binders.

What is in the CellCore Biosciences Biotoxin Binder?

There are 4 primary ingredients in the CellCore Biosciences Biotoxin Binder:

  1. Bioactive carbons – A proprietary blend of fulvic acids and polysaccharides. The extracts of fulvic acid help reduce inflammation, improve digestive function, and support the immune system. Additionally, polysaccharides are an excellent antioxidant. Together, they form bioactive carbons. The addition of carbon technology provides greater binding ability over other binders frequently used.
  2. Broccoli Sprouts – A potent antioxidant that provides detox support.
  3. Yucca Root – An antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation and has incredible free radical scavenging abilities to help with specific biotoxins.[7]
  4. Molybdenum – A mineral that helps the body break down toxins and enhance detoxification efforts.
Infographic of key ingredients in the CellCore Biotoxin Binder

How do you Know if Your Body is Full of Toxins?

There are two different ways to determine if your body is full of toxins.

  • Option #1 is the most direct: Work one-on-one with a functionally trained Registered Dietitian and order testing for more answers. In our practice, we are constantly testing for exposures to environmental toxins, mold, heavy metals etc.  Keep in mind ordering testing is just part of the battle. The interpretation and ability to map out an effective plan to treat the findings is where our skill comes in.
  • Option #2: For those who are unable to afford testing or do not have access, we use a symptom tracker to assess if someone is full of toxins. While each individual will present with their own unique symptoms, we have been able to detect patterns over time. 

Common Signs That You May be Sick from Toxins

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Joint or muscle pain throughout the entire body
  • Extreme sensitivity to smells and chemicals (perfume, cigarettes, etc.)
  • Stomach issues
  • Many more things, but this is just a list of the things we see in our practice most often 🙂

Since ~75% of the immune system lives in the gut, it is no surprise that we find toxins to be the root of many chronic gut issues.

There are other unique symptoms that tend to be a dead giveaway to us, but it takes an experienced practitioner to really pick up on this.

  • Constant urination all night? Extra static shock? (we are then looking into mold toxicity.)
  • Chronic stiff neck and joint pain that seems to “jump” around the body? (We would then consider looking into tickborne infections.)
  • Brain fog, stomach issues, joint pain, depression? (We might look into heavy metals.)
  • A sudden decline in kidney function can also be indicative of toxic exposure.

You get the idea.

And by the way, we have worked with many healthcare providers over the years who tell our clients, “Detoxing is hocus pocus. Your liver and kidneys were put in your body to help filter out toxins. No need to add additional support like toxin binders”

While yes it is true that these organs serve as built-in detox agents, it is unfortunately not enough in today’s world. Feel free to try the approach of the mainstream providers who say this and see how far it gets you.

These organs become so inundated with filth from the environment, junk food, medications, parasitic infections, etc., that they begin to filter less effectively. This is why so many individuals benefit greatly from a systemic binder like Cellcore Biosciences Biotoxin Binder.

In fact, in certain situations where our clients are unable to move out of the exposure, such as a home or workplace, we will suggest administering CellCore Phase 1: Energy Drainage Detox Kit once every year.

>>>Learn how to order the Biotoxin Binder here: How to Purchase CellCore BioToxin Binder

Infographic of signs of suboptimal gut health

What are the Benefits of Removing Toxins From Your Body?

The benefits of removing toxins in the body could be a three-hour presentation on its own!! However, I realize you do not have all day, so let’s summarize.

Most major health issues and diseases begin from some form of exposure issues that were left unaddressed. When this happens, the immune system works its tail off to correct the issue. Eventually, when the issue is not properly addressed, the body begins to break down.

Some individuals might notice fatigue, others may experience joint pain or eczema. Over time, these minor symptoms tend to develop into something major, such as Alzheimer’s disease or cancer. 

The trajectory for each individual depends on a multitude of factors ranging from diet to genetics. 

By removing toxins, we are supporting the body’s natural detoxification pathways. As a result, the body begins to run again like a well-oiled machine. Pairing CellCore’s biotoxin binder, in addition to fresh food, purified water, physical activity, and quality sleep, can help repair the body at the cellular level.

If your interest is piqued, here is a little info on 7 Ways to Detoxify Naturally.

Are BioToxin Binders Safe?

As you can imagine, it’s always best to work with a healthcare professional who is experienced in this space. However, generally speaking, and without knowing you or your medical condition or health history, biotoxin binders are safe. 

In fact, not only is it safe, but has shown to be incredibly effective. It is no surprise the Cellcore biotoxin binder reviews are amazing. 

When taking a biotoxin binder, you want to make sure that:

  1. You are taking the binder as prescribed
  2. You are taking the correct binder for your health situation
  3. You are pooping regularly


Cellcore biotoxin binder is safe, but for example, if we find that you are loaded with toxins, I may recommend one capsule a day vs. 3-4 to avoid side effects. We would then progress as tolerated.

Also worth noting is that for most clients, biotoxin binder is just Phase One. We usually advanced to more specific binders in order to truly heal a human being. 

When Should I Take CellCore BioToxin Binder?

One of the biggest reasons why the Cellcore biotoxin binder reviews are so great is because this is one of the few toxin binders on the market that doesn’t require you to consume it on an empty stomach. It is also one of the very few binders that can be taken with other supplements. 

The only supplement we do not recommend you take the carbon binders with is Para 1. Para 1 is made with Mimosa Pudica seed, and a biotoxin binder can interfere with its effectiveness. Cellcore biotoxin binder must be taken an hour away from Para 1. (FYI, this recommendation is not even relevant if parasites are not a concern for you.)

Now, do I think it works better on an empty stomach? Yes. But excellent progress can still be made if you are just consistent with taking the toxin binder.

Keep in mind that many feel best starting out slow. If your provider has asked you to take Cellcore’s Biotoxin Binder twice a day, you may want to start with once a day to ensure tolerance. I highly recommend my clients take it at night before bed in case there are any side effects, such as fatigue. 

What are the Side Effects of CellCore Detox?

Unfortunately, this is not a blanket or textbook answer. The side effects of the CellCore Detox will vary from person to person. 

After detoxing hundreds of clients with the Cellcore biotoxin binder as the base of the program, I can confidently say that your gut health, ability to clear toxins (some of which are genetic), and your severity of illness/exposure are the three factors that dictate side effects.

I have had a handful of individuals experience zero symptoms, whereas others have felt so poorly that it took us weeks until we were able to dose the kit accordingly.

Simply put, those who do not sweat well and those who struggle to poop regularly will feel worse than those who have no issues in those departments. Additionally, someone who experienced extreme toxin exposure (especially paired with poor detox genetics) will feel much worse than someone who was exposed for a brief period of time.

For example, a student who lived in a moldy dorm for 4 years straight is more likely to experience major side effects than someone who was exposed to mold for two weeks during their vacation.

For those who are curious about the exact side effects of the CellCore Detox, most commonly we see:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sinus issues
  • Coughing
  • Bloating/ Diarrhea/Gas 

Keep in mind the information on this website and provided by FWDfuel Sports Nutrition is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information on or available through this website, is for general information purposes only. Always consult a medical professional for questions you have concerning your health and wellness. Omnia Function LLC dba FWDfuel Sports Nutrition is not liable for risks or issues associated with using or acting upon the information they provide. We’re affiliates of CellCore and the products you purchase will provide us a small commission, which helps keep our business afloat.

What Else Should I Take Along with Cellcore BioToxin Binder to Enhance My Detoxification?

This is an excellent question. In fact, it is probably one of the most important questions of all. When taking a binder such as the Cellcore Biotoxin binder, we need to make sure the toxins being bound up are actually being excreted out.

So, we usually don’t recommend taking the binder alone. If you’re just getting started, the ideal first-step detoxification support supplement protocol that works best is the CellCore Phase 1: Energy Drainage which includes several supports and BioToxin Binder to ensure your body has everything it needs for systemic detoxification.

Next, we need to make sure bowel movements are full go. You need to be taking the Browns to the Superbowl once a day at a bare minimum, ideally 2-3x a day. If things get backed up, and we aren’t going #2, toxins can recirculate.

>>>Learn how to order the Biotoxin Binder here: How to Purchase CellCore BioToxin Binder

Bottles of advanced Tudka and Bowel Mover which go well with biotoxin binder.

How to Ensure Detoxification with CellCore BioToxin Binder is Done Effectively

  1. FOLLOW THE DETOXIFICATION STEPS IN THE CORRECT ORDER!!!!! This is in capital letters because it is the most important point to drive home.  No matter your goal – to blast parasites, mold, Lyme, heavy metals, etc. – Please, please, please make sure you take the time to open up drainage pathways. This kit: CellCore Phase 1: Energy Drainage is where you must start before loading up on any binder, whether it be the CellCore Biotoxin Binder or not. The drainage kit ensures that your liver, kidneys, and lymph nodes are clear and ready to support the excretion of toxins. If these pathways are clogged, and you begin the biotoxin binder, you will be very sick as toxins recirculate if the body cannot clear properly.
    • ** By the way, skipping this phase is why many people spend years and thousands of dollars trying to improve their health, only to get nowhere.**
  2. Make sure your diet is rich in colorful produce, and be sure to include foods with high quantities of fiber, such as beans or chia seeds.
  3. Stay hydrated at all times. We can’t stress this one enough; this is the most often overlooked step. For most of you, this goes beyond basic water. Adding in a simple electrolyte beverage once or twice a day can go a long way. (For those who are serious athletes, we recommend LMNT or Liquid IV, and for those who are not, we recommend Ultima.)
  4. Make sure to have enough Bowel Mover on hand. This is one of my favorite products from CellCore. Taking 2-3 of these before bed each night will nearly guarantee a bowel movement or two the next morning. (Warning: it will be loose, and that is to be expected.) I usually do not let clients start taking the CellCore biotoxin binder until they have the CellCore Bowel Mover on hand. 
    • Pro tip: Our CEO and co-founder, Michael, stated that upper water intake and supplementing with bowel mover and magnesium were game-changing in his recovery from mold toxicity. After using binders intermittently for nearly 2 years with slow results, when he dramatically upped water and bowel movement frequency he tolerated the binders better and made much, much faster results.
  5. Lastly, I would also make sure you keep some form of drainage opener going at the same time that you take the Cellcore BioToxin Binder. Examples include Advanced Tudca and KL support.
  6. Glutathione. This is the strongest antioxidant your body makes and can dramatically improve the detox process. However, you have to go slow otherwise you can make yourself miserable and do more harm than good. It is best to work with a qualified healthcare practitioner who can help guide you on the best dosage after you select the best glutathione supplement.

And for those who have the energy and ability to sweat by means of exercise or sauna during this time, that is also a major benefit. P.S. We love this portable sauna blanket for those who don’t want to set up a full-blown sauna in the home!

How to Purchase CellCore BioToxin Binder

The CellCore BIotoxin Binder is best taken under the direction and supervision of a well-informed healthcare provider who understands how CellCore products work.

With that said, perhaps you don’t have the funds to see a dietitian or physician for 1 on 1 coaching, or your preferred doctor isn’t informed on the benefits of CellCore products, so you would like to try them on your own. There can be a variety of reasons for wanting to try CellCore products on your own.

So, we’re sharing our patient code to purchase the CellCore BioToxin Binder.

With that said, by using the code, no patient-client relationship is formed. Always consult your doctor before starting or changing any supplements, and consult them if there are any changes in your health after starting a new product.

If you would like to purchase the CellCore BioToxin Binder, 👉register for an account and use code IAS4hrs6.👈

Once you create your account, click on “Comprehensive Protocol” to find and add Phase 1: Energy & Drainage to your cart, or if you select “Products” you may simply scroll to BioToxin Binder to purchase your product. Remember, we recommend starting with the Phase 1 comprehensive protocol with CT-Minters, KL Support, and BC-ATP with BioToxin Binder for your body. has the energy and drainage ability to tolerate the binder. SImply starting with the BioToxin Binder is usually not a good idea.

Are There Foods That I should Consume or Avoid to Improve my Detox?

Yes and no.

The dream would be to work with a dietitian 1 on 1 who can recommend a personalized diet to monitor your health during this detoxification process. This can be a bumpy road, and having guidance can lead to faster, better, and more sustainable results.

For example, when we know a client is suffering from an autoimmune condition, we may remove certain foods like gluten and dairy to help decrease total body inflammation. Former cancer patient? We will likely place more emphasis on fresh, colorful produce and really limiting added sugars.

However, for most, no specific diet is required when using CellCore Biotoxin Binder. Use the list below for guidance on the best foods to consume and avoid processed foods when possible. Laslty, try to refrain from alcohol intake and excessive sugar/processed food intake. Why inflame the liver and kidneys when we are going to be pushing them to their fullest capacity to filter toxins?

Focus on adequate hydration, eating enough lean protein from quality sources, and lots of colorful fruits and veggies.

Seriously, don’t overlook the hydration and bowel movement part of this. You will probably make slower progress or feel like junk if you do!

Dietitian Abby Grimm holding broccoli as an example of a vegetable that helps detoxification

Foods to Consume to Improve You Detox

If you are looking for specific foods, here is a quick cheat sheet of foods that help enhance detoxification:

  • Beetroot
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Garlic
  • Lemon
  • Cilantro
  • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels, cauliflower)
  • Spirulina
  • Parsley
  • Celery
  • High-quality animal protein like omega 3-rich fatty fish and free-range eggs
  • Groats (unrefined oatmeal)

What Does CT Minerals by Cellcore Do?

First, before we dive in, it’s important to address why minerals play such a profound role in our health.

  1. Minerals build strong bones.
  2. Minerals turn the food we eat into energy
  3. Minerals control body fluids inside and outside of our cells.

CT Minerals by CellCore is one of the most gentle yet effective products that this company offers. CT minerals provide easily absorbable minerals in convenient capsule form. This blend of minerals is unique because they are derived from fulvic acids. Fulvic acids are beneficial because they are easier for the body to digest, absorb, and utilize.

Fulvic acids nourish our gut microbiome and provide additional ability to detoxify.

Lastly, for those wondering, two different forms of magnesium, acetyl taurate and malate, are included in this mineral blend.

So, in a nutshell, CT minerals help fill in the micronutrient gaps that you do not achieve through diet each day while also supporting minerals lost each day through stress, exercise, illness etc. 


The Cellcore Biotoxin binder is one of the best binders for the removal of toxins on the market and could be considered CellCore’s flagship product. It is best taken as part with supplements that support drainage and energy so that toxin recirculation is minimized. The Phase 1 Energy and Drainage kit is usually the best place to start, though you should follow the guidance of your healthcare practitioner.

If you effectively use the CellCore Biotoxin Binder, it does have the potential to lead you to a level of health you never thought possible. Sick of being sick? Work 1 on 1 with an elite dietitian on our team that can provide the testing, interpretation, guidance, and nutrition recommendations to make the CellCore products the most effective.

We’ve had great success in using this product and can say the Cellcore Biotoxin binder reviews from our clients are extremely good. Just remember, lots of water and regular bowel movements are crucial!

If you are interested in checking out this toxin binder on your own, use our code IAS4hrs6 to create an account here. If you’re interested in having your own personal healthcare practitioner to guide you through the process, fill out this form for a free 15-minute strategy call with us to map out a plan for success now.  

Best of luck to you in your detoxification journey. Please remember, it’s never too late to improve your health!