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The Best Ox Bile Supplement & Ox Bile Dosage – Ox Bile Reviews from 2 Dietitians

The Best Ox Bile Supplement & Ox Bile Dosage – Ox Bile Reviews from 2 Dietitians

Do you have crazy-colored or greasy poop that tends to float? How about constipation, bloating, or difficulty digesting higher-fat meals? Have you found yourself Googling “supplements to increase bile production?” Or perhaps even “standard ox bile dosage.”

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Today we will review the best ox bile supplements and ox bile dosage to improve your digestion.

There are a variety of benefits to taking ox bile. If you are new to this topic and would like to learn more, you can read more about what ox bile is and all the benefits ox bile provides in our prior post.

Alright, now let’s get back to your digestion. Read on to learn when to take ox bile, how much to take, as well as our favorite ox bile supplements that we recommend.🙂

The Best Ox Bile Supplement: Should I Take Ox Bile Before or After Meal?

First, let’s start with a quick refresher before we dive into the best ox bile. Bile is produced naturally by the body and supports the digestion of food. By supplementing with ox bile, we enhance our liver’s bile production. In particular, bile/ox bile helps us break down fat and, therefore, better absorb fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K. 

Now, should you take ox bile before or after a meal? You may find that this answer differs from practitioner to practitioner; however, I strongly recommend that you supplement with ox bile either immediately before or during your meal. In my professional opinion, in most cases, at least after the meal is too late and will not be as effective.

Think of it this way; ox bile is used to help break down your food – fat in particular. If you wait until the meal is over, or even worse, long after the meal, not only was the purpose of supplementation defeated, but you may actually experience stomach pain. It’s similar to when you have a high fever or severe pain. The goal is always to get ahead of the fever or pain, not wait until you are about to keel over before you take medication. 

Now, if a client says to me, “I literally can’t digest food. I feel like a snake that swallowed a massive animal whole, even after a couple of bites of food.” In this case, I would suggest a “running head start,” if you will. In other words, I recommend the ox bile be consumed 5-10 minutes before the meal vs. during or right at the start. 

Make sense?

Summary: Work with your healthcare provider, experiment a little with timing, and see what works best for you.

How Many Mg of Ox Bile Should I Take?

Now that we have your timing down pat, I bet you are asking yourself, “Well ok, how many mg of ox bile should I take?” 

You probably could have guessed this answer, but the recommended dose will differ for each individual. 

As a practitioner, I am extensively reviewing medical history, assessing symptoms, and then running advanced stool testing. I then take this information and factor in how severe the client’s symptoms are and how long they have been feeling this way in order to determine the proper ox bile dosage. 

Generally speaking, the standard dosage spans from 100-500mg. This can range anywhere from 1-3 capsules. It is always best to consult your healthcare provider first, but it’s equally as important to be in tune with your body at the same time. Consider starting with 100 or 200 mg, see how it feels with that meal, and adjust accordingly. For those who have been feeling poorly for years or whose stool tests suggest poor digestion, we usually start around the 300-500mg range with each meal.

At the end of the day, no one knows your digestive system as well as you do. Here are a few key signs to look out for when discerning your ox bile dose:

Ox bile dose is too low:

  • Still bloated after meals
  • Food feels like it is moving through you at a snail’s pace
  • Stool continues to appear strange: often greasy or oily looking, floats to the surface
  • Stool is light colored
  • Gassy, often foul smelling
  • Constipation for some, diarrhea for others, either way, it has not improved.

Ox bile dose is too high:

  • Stomach pain or burning
  • Nausea
  • Reflux

Ox Bile Reviews + The Best Ox Bile Supplement

And now for the grand finale, our personal ox bile reviews on the best ox bile supplements! 

Check out our top 5 favorite ox bile supplements that we use most commonly in our practice:

Now Super Enzymes - One of the best ox bile supplements to increase bile production
  1. Allergy Research Group – Ox Bile

Allergy Research Group’s Ox Bile has been my front-runner for quite some time now. The formulation is pure and does not contain a bunch of added gunk. Plus, the company is reputable.

The most appealing factor to me as a clinician is that Allergy Research Group offers a 500 mg option as well as an option for 125 mg per capsule. The ability to dose your ox bile can be incredibly helpful as you may not always need a high dose depending on the food consumed and your current health status. 

Bonus: the capsules are small, and you will never feel like you’re choking on horse pills!

If you prefer to purchase off Amazon, here is the link. BUT, if you like saving money❤️ and want to save over $13, simply 👉create an account for Fullscript with our link👈 and save $13+ on this order as well as 20% off on all future orders💃. Free shipping on orders of $50 and more too!

Pure Encapsulations Digestion GB - one of the best ox bile supplements to increase bile production
  1. Pure Encapsulations – Digestion GB

If you notice that your digestion is problematic at all times, no matter what you eat, I would suggest a formula that is more comprehensive than just ox bile alone.

Digestion GB is excellent as it contains a moderate dose of ox bile, 225 mg, but also an entire additional panel of digestive enzymes and nutrients to help you break down all forms of food, protein and carbohydrate in addition to fat. This formulation also includes turmeric for inflammation and milk thistle to help further support liver function. 

If Amazon is your jam, you may purchase it here. Looking for 20% off all orders for any supplement and to 👉save over $20 🤯 on Digestion GB by Pure Encapsulations? Create an account with Fullscript using our link👈 and save big on this product and 20% off all future orders.

If Digestion GB happens to be sold out, Vital Nutrients makes a similar product called Pancreatin and Ox Bile Extract, which is excellent. Check out Fullscript, save 20% off, and see all our top ox bile recommendations HERE.

Now Super Enzymes-One of the best ox bile supplements to increase bile production
  1. NOW – Super Enzymes

Next, we continue to move down the line in the category of comprehensive digestive support options. If that is what you are looking for, NOW Super Enzymes provides the most bang for your buck. 

This very reliable and affordable product contains 100 mg of ox bile plus bromelain, pepsin, pancreatin, and papain. In other words, this product is an excellent choice for those needing additional pancreatic support as well as comprehensive digestive support with all meals. 

Another bonus is the fact that the serving size is only one capsule. Many other companies with complex digestive support formulas require 2-3 capsules. 

Ok, you know the drill; here is where you can find it on Amazon, and here is where you can find it on Fullscript for a lower price.👈 

  1. Ancestral Supplements Gallbladder w/ Ox Bile and Liver
Bottle of Ancestral Origins Ox Bile- One of the best in our ox bile reviews

Alright, if the name of your game is purity and sourcing, check out Ancestral Supplements Gallbladder with ox bile and liver. This is the best option for those who say, “give me grass-fed or give me death.”💪 

Ancestral Supplements promises to you that this product originated from grass-fed, grass-finished cows who were pasture-raised in New Zealand and Australia. Their product formulation is very unique as it contains not only 250 mg ox bile but, also 250 mg gallbladder and 500 mg liver. 

In other words, this product was designed with the “like supports like” theory in mind. The belief is this: if your liver, gallbladder, and digestive system are not working properly, support the systems by providing backup from those exact organs, but in animal form.

This product helps produce healthy bile flow and provides organ-specific building blocks – peptides, enzymes, proteins, and co-factors to express the building of healthy tissue in our gallbladder, liver, and gastrointestinal tract.  While I have not tried this personally, numerous clients have raved.

Here is the Ancestral Supplements Gallbladder w/ Ox Bile and Liver on Amazon. This product is not currently available on Fullscript. 

  1. Thorne – Bio-Gest

Last but not least, if you are an athlete who is drug tested or could be drug tested for banned substances, I strongly advise choosing Biogest by Thorne. This product contains 80mg of ox bile in addition to other digestive supporting agents like pancreatin and pepsin. 

A bottle of Thorne Bio-Gest, one of the best ox bile supplements in our ox bile review process

Please note that the product itself is not NSF for Sport. However, Thorne offers the most extensive NSF for Sport line of products, and Biogest is produced in the same facility where many of Thorne’s certified products are produced. 

I have had plenty of pro athletes take Thorne Biogest with great success. Thorne can be trusted as it is one of the most reputable companies in the sports world. More times than not, Thorne and other similar companies offer products that are technically NSF Certified for Sport in regards to quality and purity, but due to the excessive cost that is required to add the NSF for Sport certification/ stamp of approval on the label, this step is often skipped.

Check out Thorne Bio-Gest on Amazon but you can save $13 or more 💃 by 👉creating an account and purchasing off Fullscript with our 20% off discount.👈 

Life Beyond Ox Bile

In conclusion, ox bile can be one of the most effective supplements when it comes to improving digestion. However, we would be a team of crummy clinicians if we just told you to take a supplement and move on.

At the end of the day, ox bile should be viewed as “training wheels” until your body is able to properly digest food on its own. Now, of course, there are certain situations like a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) where the support of ox bile may be needed for life. 

Although, in most circumstances, the goal is to FIX the reason why your digestion is less than ideal. For example, parasites, antibiotic overuse, and mold exposure are some of the most common situations where we see gut health decline and, therefore, the need for ox bile supplementation. 

If you are already seeing a healthcare provider for this issue, but have not received much assistance on what to eat, here are a few articles to support your journey:

And if you do not have access to a qualified practitioner to help you through this process, it is just not in the budget, OR you are sick of feeling this way and would like to take immediate action, we recently created a comprehensive program, The Ultimate Anti-inflammatory Reset, to help you learn how to eat in a way that helps you feel well until the root of your issue(s) has been addressed. Most participants noticed a difference within the first 4 days!!

Have you ever taken ox bile? In your opinion, what’s the best ox bile supplement?  What have you already tried to improve your digestion? What worked, and what was a disaster? Please comment below and share your personal ox bile reviews. We’d love to hear from you!🙂

About The Author

Kylene Bogden

Kylene Bogden is one of the most well respected Functional Sports Dietitians in the United States. As a high school and collegiate sprinter, she experienced recurrent injury and fatigue. After years of constant struggle, she eventually learned that an abundance of processed foods and poor fueling strategies were the root of her performance issues. Kylene's personal journey as an athlete fueled her passion for finding a more progressive approach to sports nutrition. Since then, she has helped thousands of individuals dramatically improve overall health and athletic performance by taking a whole food approach. To learn more about Kylene's story and how a functional nutrition approach can help you to achieve your goals, simply click on the contact us link in the upper right-hand corner today!


  1. Donna

    If you took it before or during your meal it’s possible that the ox bile neutralized your stomach acid. Low stomach acid can give you heartburn and acid reflux.

  2. Donna

    Wouldn’t taking ox bile (which is alkaline) before or during a meal defeat the purpose of ox bile supplementing your own liver’s bile, especially if you have no gallbladder? Ox bile before or during a meal would start neutralizing the stomach acid before it had a chance to do it’s job of starting to break down your meal before sending it to the duodenum where it would start to be neutralized by bile, breakdown fats and absorb fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestine. To me that does not make sense. I would think ox bile would be taken an hour or two after finishing your meal, giving the stomach the chance to start it’s process with it’s HCL. Now I can see taking digestive enzymes before your meal or if necessary Betaine HCL if you have low stomach acid.

  3. Carrie neu

    I just discovered I need to take this I had my gallbladder out years ago with no instruction from my dr. I got 500 mg nutricost ox bile. Definitely too much gives me heart burn Horus stomach pains and gas I’ve been emptying most of the capsule. Tonight I have hives so I’m wondering if I have an allergy to this brand


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